My crystal ball tells me….

My crystal ball tells me:

  1. Harris is gone. He is unhappy and though he is a talented athlete he is not a team player in my opinion
  2. Lulay will be going. I do not think he will be satisfied playing back QB.
  3. Jennings will be back and even better.
  4. Tedford may be invited back but it will be day to day.
  5. Arceneaux should be able to write his own ticket.
  6. Buono will be here for at least one more year despite the criticisms
  7. Leone may be back but not as a PK, only as punter. However, even his punting is suspect. Too many blocked punts.
  8. Rainey should earn the spot of punt returned and be utilized elsewhere
  9. O and D coordinators? I don't know. Is it poor coaching or lack of talent
  10. Guys on the O line need to be replaced so the QB doesn't have to always run for his life.