My compliments to the refs

I watched the game until Reynolds td put it out of reach (my wife is still amazed I was able to stay up so late!).

I thought the refs did an amazing job. All of the calls seemed to be right. All too often, the Cats seem to get the short end of the stick out west by the refs, but not last night. On the first video review, the faceless idiots (CBC announcers) were literally calling for a reversal of the fumble by the Stamp receiver, saying his knee touched the ground prior to Armour’s hit separating him from the ball (luckily that’s the only thing Jojuan separated, lol). Lazurak made the right call. It was obvious from the replay that he had not touched with his knee.

Even though the game didn’t quite go the way I had hoped, at least I didn’t have the added frustration of poor reffing.