my comments on the cats / lions game

  1. The ticats cannot get a sack . The 4 man dline has nobidy that has the technique to get to teh qb. I do notice they do not blitz any linebackers likely due to man to man defence and bliutzing could help to get sacks
    ,they need to utilze jamal in that way as that is his forte.

2/ Burris and the play selection was very suspect espcially on short yardaage and 3rd down gambles
3. Giguerre seems to act likie he doesn't want to bw here or is it me ? he has n ot performed and also is missing plays
4 walker is great in open field like cobb was but not so great as a blocker or hard yards .
5 c.williams has looked great and is o fast
6 we have not utilized fantuz and giguerre enough
7 our db's look better and bvucker has been a huge suprise
8 we still make way too many mistakes and can be beaten on trick plays like late in th egame with harris running
9 on the dline only crable and brown belong long term with peach..i hope peach is ready soon
10 our specialty teams coverahge looked horrible and rookies like richardson should not be ij there

Richardson was one of the more impressive guys on coverage IMO. Our coverage team is missing Beswick right now.

I get that feeling also. He held out for so long with his NFL aspirations and has stated in the past that his preferred team in the CFL is the Als. He might also have a large ego and feel that he is "above and beyond" the CFL since he spent the last few years on the NFL rosters. I think when that stuff didn't pan out he eventually compromised and settled with the Cats. He might be here just for the paycheque. We'll see as the season unfolds whether his heart is really with the Cats or he is just going through the motions.

  1. Knowlton blitzed a few times, but they never sent JJ, as far as I saw. But I thought the front four did get a fair bit of pressure on Lulay, but he was able to evade it or at least dump the ball off every time.

  2. I would have liked to see Fournier in on short yardage, maybe even him and Stephenson, with Porter under centre. I’m starting to think that Cortez isn’t using Porter in that way because he’s looking to trade him. Just a hunch.

  3. I am also less than impressed with Giguere, especially on kick returns. He doesn’t seem to have any moves, preferring to try to blow through tacklers. I’d rather see Williams back there with Walker - let’s see whick poison the opposing kickers would prefer.

  4. He did a bit better this game than in the first. I’m willing to give him a chance to learn.

  5. He missed a few tough catches - not sure anyone would have come up with them - and they never went deep to him. Was he being covered so well that he was never open deep?

  6. They seemed to be trying to establish the run in the first half. They went to Fantuz and Giguere more in the second half. I was expecting more YAC from Giguere, but he seems to get tackled right away on every catch.

  7. Agreed. Bucknor has been a pleasant surprise, and Young seems to have picked up from last year with good coverage on Simon, almost getting a pick on one play.

  8. On Harris’s 61 yard romp, Williams over-committed, leaving a huge hole to run through. And on the direct snap, everyone missed it. (Brilliant play call, IMO.) Other than that, I thought the front seven played fairly well, although they let Lulay roll out too much.

  9. As stated earlier, I thought the front four played fairly well except in letting Lulay scramble outside. Peach should be an improvement once he’s back. Hope so anyway.

  10. Our return coverage was horrible. They didn’t seem to be able to tackle. Part of it was also that Bartel’s punts were, with one exception, between the numbers. He needs to angle his punts more to the sidelines. That said, there was a missed hold on Smith that sprung Brown on his TD.

I noticed this too, and I wonder if this has anything to do with his time in Indianapolis. I don't know how much NFL people on here watch, but I watch quite a bit. One thing that has always bugged me about Indy's receivers is they hate getting hit; they will catch the ball and drop instead of staying up and taking on a tackler. Since Giguère spent some time there, I'm wondering if that is something he picked up from the vets there. I know it's not entirely the same thing, but it's similar. Then again, maybe I'm just reading too into things.

I don't think this has anything to do with that. First he's playing hurt. He posted a picture on Twitter of a NASTY turf toe. He probably should not even be playing on that foot. Worse one I've seen. Also he's a rookie. So he's probably coming to the realization that it won't be as "easy" as he might have imagined.

To me, it just looks like he isn't getting much separation on his routes, and is tackled as soon as he comes down with the ball. Maybe related to my other comment about him, that on returns, he doesn't seem to have any serious moves. It appears to me that he is depending solely on his speed to create separation (it ain't working) and his size and strength to break through tackles (also ain't working).

Players have been cut for disclosing injuries in the past. But an injury like that could definitely slow him down, and cause him to not be able to make quick cuts.

Maybe disclosing injuries to others... Its his foot :slight_smile:

Injury explains his lack of explosiveness. I think Cats fans need to be patient with Giguere. He's a rookie, albeit a very hyped rookie. And he's not even coming into an offense that is otherwise intact; he's playing in a new system where everyone is trying to learn their assignments. He has no past rapport with Burris. He's basically starting from square one, and he's injured, to boot. He'll be a great player for you in the long term, as long as the organization lets him stick around for the long term.

Yeah, that was pretty gross. I didn't really need to see that. Stupid internet.

John Daly is our special teams coordinator, he wasn's run out of regina for we're giving up/screwing up on special teams coverage more than any season I can remember, and I don't think it has to do with the rookies we have in there.

I can't believe I harped on Congi as much as I did in the pre-season, he' has been our most consistant player after the first two contests :expressionless:

"Giguerre seems to act likie he doesn't want to bw here or is it me ? he has n ot performed and also is missing plays"

Giguere looked pretty stoked to be here when he was making plays in the preseason, but maybe his turf toe has slowed the beast, and this is obviously no longer the pre-season.

We're lucky to make the playoffs this season with the defense we have. Montreal for instance, won't have any troubles putting 500-600+ offensive yards on us a game, and other teams will do the same of course. Defense wins championships, and after weeks 1 & 2, we clearly do not have a defense that can compete in this league.