My choice for a new mascot name for Edmonton

Every country makes them differently. I like them all though.

My point is the language.
I asked which you were to find out if you are of Polish or Ukrainian decent

French and Ukrainian. They came out of Winnipeg. We just called them cabbage rolls.

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If Bulllwinkle is the name of the mascot (can you say trademark infringement) then the cheerleaders would be named the Rock-ettes. To suggest that they might be flying squirrels would get you in such trouble.

lol . Trademark infringement is easy to get around just change a few letters and bingo instead of Bullwinkle you call him Ballwrinkle . :smiley:

As for flying squirrels not exactly sure what the trouble would be with it ? :thinking:

Must be careful when using terms addressed for women and while I don't see anything offensive with flying squirrels, and Rocky was known as a flying squirrel, caution is advised. Not here to insult anyone. Despite Bullwinkle not being an Elk, he is an excellent mascot because he was once referred to as "the magnificent moose.' However, as Bullwinkle later noted in that episode, the narrator was just having one of his wordy days.

They could have the All-Star All Squirrel band play after every Elkies T.D.
Also for half-time entertainment and of course the National Anthem :metal: :loud_sound: :notes:

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Nah, play this at half time

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How bout Anarchy in the USFL?

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Boy, does that take me back.

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Energizer Bunny, a little bit of farm connection, a little bit of oil/power connection

Elliot the Elk

Sammy the Elk

Ellie Elk (lets not be sexist ehh) :slight_smile:

He's in the Bovine Witness Protection Program.

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I guess that would mean the existence of an ElkBGT community?

If Edmonton has "God Save The Queen", then Toronto should adopt "Pretty Vacant" to reflect how the stadium looks with their attendances.