My choice for a new mascot name for Edmonton

I suppose the Edmonton Elks is an okay mascot name, but to me the Edmonton Tundra sounds so much tougher as a mascot name!

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Welcome Thanks for posting.

I like Tundra too. I wonder if they considered it.

For an actual sideline mascot à la Gainer in Regina, my absolute hands down top choice would be Muskeg the Moose.

That sounds cool! Excellent possible choice as a mascot!
Best wishes to you, your family & loved ones !

Rudolph should be the name. Put a red nose on the costume.

Pretend an elk is the same as a white tail deer.

This one should be a no brainer . Bullwinkle it is .

And if you can find a person small enough you can throw in his sidekick Rocky to roam the sidelines and stands . :chipmunk: :deer:

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Its Rudolph the red nose Reindeer not white tail deer

Great idea... The league that won't allow anyone to use ANY of their logo should rip off Jay Ward's survivors property.

Go !

Bullwinkle was a moose

Welllll just close your eyes and pretend that he's an Elk . :smiley:

I'm sure good old Jay won't mind , after-all his Bullwinkle was a moose not an elk . :grinning:

Interesting mascot name has well!

Another interesting mascot name!


Great response!

The Edmonton Bullwinkle! Cool!

Great pic!

Just dig out the old Eski-Moose costume and change the name to Ed the Elk.

Sounds good!

But, with nothing up his sleeve.:wink:

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No Way. Bullwinkle was from Berkeley. Gotta be Muskeg. He was Edmontonian through and through.