My challenge to the players!.......

I do know that a good majority of the players and their loved ones read these here's my heartfelt message to the players in this 'bad patch' we are going through:

Don't lose faith in each other or even one of your coaches...they are all good men!...Each and everyone of your coaches cares about you, and this team as a whole, and are trying their are each and every team mate you have in that locker, seriously, does anybody not want to win?.....I think not!....

So guys, block out all of this negativity you read, get behind each other and win this one in Montreal for your coaches!......they deserve it! (of course you guys and the fans do too.....but you know what I'm saying)

I have total faith that we will kick ass!

Let's wake up the beast and get the jungle alive!

Go Cats!

(I welcome player's family members to jump in here too for comment)

Thanks for the post Mikey.. its nice to know they are true fans out there. because the players dont like reading all this crap about them. its pisses them off at times on some of the things thrown their ways. But we all appreciate the forum too. and you positive feedbacks!! YAY!

I love how comments come from fans who I highly doubt could even waddle 40 yards let alone even sprint it under 7 secs.

Like I have said before, would you like it if these players came to your place of work and screamed insults everytime you messed up?


Nicely said Mikey and I agree .

Try working in the service industry. You'd be surprised. You get yelled at to your face, you don't have the luxury of an internet message board that you can ignore if you don't want to hear anything negative said about yourself.

I'm all for positivity, but the ticats are grown men, I'm sure they can accept some criticism, fair or not.