MY CFL uniforms (IMPORTANT!)

Not everyone likes the Reebok look. Please, please, I advise EVERYONE on this site to visit my website and look at what I've done. It was a very time consuming project, but I have redesigned the attire of every team in the league. Please! PLEASE! PLEASE! It is worth a look. If you really like it, then, send something to the league or owners or something. (Caretaker ought to take a look at my Hamilton designs. SERIOUSLY!)

The site is:

Let's start a petition here! (Some of my uniforms are better than others, though.)

Could some people comment on this? I mean, this is very important.

If you are really serious i suggest you pm mikey he's close personal friends with all the team staff

me thinks a verbal description might have been a more effective tool that the 'paint' program on your computer.

just a guess.

All the other nonsense aside (from post #3), I like the effort here......good stuff!

I wish I had computer skills like that to get my "ideas/thoughts/designs" across


Get over it I mean come on, all your doing is trying to get a reaction out of Mikey.

The jersey’s look good, with a better program than Microsoft Paint they wouldn’t be to bad.

i just laughed.. and i cant laugh..

Thank you for the support. To do what I did, I saved the pictures, then opened them in Paint, used the Zoom control, and tried to be as precise as possible...though it seems like a lot of you figured that out...It was a lot of fun. (I don't SERIOUSLY expect the CFL to do anything though (sigh). I like the old logo more for us. I have other projects planned related to the CFL as well (perhaps like making up a Halifax jersey, who knows?)

I bring back the old logo (w/o a red tongue, are you kidding me?, not red, please!), change Hamilton colors back to Gold and Black, and go back to the 2004 uniforms, but keep the thirds as they are going to be, but dump the XFL helmet.

When I try paint, it usually ends up worse then when i draw free hand.

Looking back, I have to say now that the Tiger-Cat design (but without the red tongue on the old logo) works, B.C. works, Calgary has too light a red, Edmonton doesn't need anything changed, and probably not the Als, Winnipeg works, I like the Toronto look, Saskatchewan is not that great (by my designs, but the Ottawa one looks good (if they got a team back). I wish I had something better than Paint to work with.

Good effort, it shows you care about the product you watch.

I do like your colour adjustments but when Reebok designed the jersy's they looked at all colour coordinations and combos including different colour numbers so they went with the unanimous choice of all the combos.

One thing they should do is bring back the gold pants with black stripe.

hey rob35, paint can actually be quite decent, but you've gotta have a lotta time to kill, and be very patient working with colours and magnification.

nice try as it is. but like i said, i think for what you were going for a description might ahve done you're idea better justice than microsoft paint. (ie, thicker gold stripe along the side and sleeve, and invert the black and gold on the pants so that they're gold with a black and white stripe. see? easy as that.)