my CFL predictions for 2006!


  1. B.C. [still have a great team , but SASK. still wants revenge in B.C.]
  2. SASK. [If JOSEPH remains healthy as the rest of the team , SASK. is GREY CUP , bound]
  3. EDMONTON [it is hard to win 2 times in a row]
  4. CALGARY [nice try , but this division just got a whole lot tuffer]

Now again , this should be a crap shoot. No blow outs in the standings.Very close.Just like in the EAST!
And if most of the key players remain healthy.


  1. HAMILTON [loaded for bear now , stay healthy and the ARGOS and MONTREAL will look like they are standing still]
    2 TORONTO/MONTREAL tied [both teams are getting long in the tooth]
  2. WINNIPEG [nice try , but the EAST just got tuffer]


SASK. vs. HAMILTON in a 1989 rematch :smiley:

WINNER = any ones guess? :shock:

I could live with those predictions.

What this league has now, more than I've seen in the past few years is parity. Every team has a chance of winning any game. There are no longer any easy games on the schedules. Teams have to show up and play their best to get the W. It's going to be a great season.

I may be wrong about this sometimes , but I am not favouring 1 team here [I hope]

I think the order will look like this:

  1. EDMONTON...they always have a club capable of finishing first....

  2. BC... Dickenson is the key for them to finish second... and injury free season

  3. CALGARY.... a good team, but not a great team

  4. SASKATCHEWAN.... we will give the stamp a run for their money,but thats it

  5. HAMILTON.... These guys are now too talented to finish lower

  6. TORONTO... Allen may be long in the tooth... but that tooth still has bite..

  7. MONTREAL... they are lucky that they play Winnipeg 4 times in the reg season

  8. WINNIPEG... Stegall and Roberts are stars....but just not good enough for this division

GREY CUP CHAMPS... HAMILTON.... they are almost an usntoppable team thanks to Mr. Shivers

I think You guys are giving too much Credit to Hamilton. While its no doubt that they have quality players, They still have to play together. A team takes a little while to mesh, and become a force. While I could accept that they could mesh by playoff time amd make a very plausible run to the Grey Cup. I don't see them finishing first simply because the start of the year will be a learning process. Thats my take on it.

Too early to make absolute predictions though for me. I am really undecided.

Sorry , not too early for some of us. Who knows? Maybe yours will be better than are in time.

hamilton, what a joke!

Hey sambo42,

You are a tough guy to please. In another post you said that Rider Fans should boycott the games until they upgrade at the QB, receiver and kicker positions. Granted, they only upgraded the QB and receiver positions, but you now picking them to finish last? You need to have more faith in our team man. Remember, in order to trade a player IE. Keith, you need for the other team to want him. Hamilton obviously wanted CH, so that is what had to be done and CH may not have even been back after this year. They have been trying to sign him to a new contract with no success.


Here are my predictions:








  1. Edmonton
  2. Calgary
  3. Sask.
  4. B.C.


  1. Montreal
    2,3,and 4 I have no clue, will be to tite call, will come down to the last few weeks of the season.

I can't say at this point, a lot of info to digest from yesterday. A lot of changes here in Hamilton but as mentioned above, the meshing part usually doesn't happen overnight. The Argos will be interesting, if Allen goes down they don't have that experienced backup, don't think Bishop is coming back.

Well dys, im not so sure the the QB position is much of an upgrade. Joseph is more talented than the other two, but he is injury prone, and unless Saskatchewan has adequately replaced McCallum(they havent), they arent going very far this season. Holmes was the special teams player of the year, so they havent upgraded there , as Armstead is a good player , but he is definitely not CH. The Riders need another receiver, in my opinion, cause other than Dominguez and Armstead they are very weak in that area. Special teams could very well be the Riders Achilles' heel this year, and field position is a very important part of the CFL game.

I usually don't like to do predictions this early, but what the heck


  1. Calgary (the favourites to win the grey cup this year, finsihed last year's regular season going 7-1. Have an amazing linebacking group, qb was the western all-star last year, and have a great receiving group. Calgary will be tough to beat especially late in the season when Burris seams to play his best.

  2. Saskatchewan (third last year in defensive points against and second in defensive yards against, their secondary is great, second in passing last year, will continue to be among the best. If Nate Davis and Scott Shultz stay healthy Saskatchewan will be hard to run against. They need to put more pressure on the qb in the fourth quarter and in 2nd and long situations to keep the offence from digging themselves out of a hole. Shored up their offence with a capable qb in Kerry Joseph and an all-star wide receiver in Armstead. Got Dominguez back from last year, look for him, if healthy to easily break the 1000 yard barrier. Also got a new offensive coordinator which will bring more creativity to a mundane offence).

  3. Edmonton (the defending grey cup champs could very well finish higher than this but they need Ricky Ray to return to his 2003 form. He will be helped by a great receiving core. Jason Tucker is easily one of the best in the game right now. Losing Jeanty will hurt but Anthony Collier will be a great addition to their club. Edmonton was also the best team against the run and will be be hard to run against this year. Look for Edmonton to keep their playoff streak intact).

  4. BC (yes they may seem lower than most people put them but Dickenson battles injury problems every year and without him the Lions will be hurting. BC also has a very weak o-line that won't be much help in keeping Dickenson healthy. BC does have a great receiving core though and if Dickenson stays healthy look for them to rack up the yards. BC lost a great linebacker in Simpson but gained one of the best db's in the game in Korey Banks. Also improved their field goal game slightly with the pick-up of Paul McCallum. BC will need to improve on their 1-5 finish from last season and get back to their 2005 early season form to move up).


  1. Montreal (Anthony Calvillo is one of the top qb's in the game with a great receiving core. Cahoon, Watkins, and Stala are all greast receivers. Having Edwards back in the line-up will help keep the offensive scheme in balance. They were the #1 offence last year and will be among the leaders again this year. With karikari back their secondary looks good but will have to improve on last year where they were 8th in the league in passing yards against. They were also 7th in rushing yards against so their d-line is going to have to step it up. Getting Kai Ellis will help.)

  2. Toronto (The defending most oustanding player just seems to get better with age. If running back Johnson can keep running how he was at the end of the season it will finally ensure Toronto of a balanced offensive attack in a long time. He had an 8.1 avg/carry albeit in only 21 carries. Toronto's defence was the best in the league last year and will look to be great again this year. They have the number 2 linebacking core in the game with Eiben, Fletcher, and O'Shea. Toronto's secondary allowed the least passing yards last year.)

  3. Hamilton (improved a lot from last year with the pick-ups of Maas, Holmes, and Ranek. Hamilton will have a great offensive game with many different threats, including the above mentioned and Flick and Yeast should improve the league's worst offence last year. Barrenchea will need to continue his play from last year to bolster an average defence. Hamilton's secondary was also average and need Goss to keep making the big interceptions to get the offence more itme with the ball).

  4. Winnipeg (Will be more competitive than last year with some good off-season action. Look for Kevin Glenn to continue to get better, having more time to throw the ball after the dispersal draft pick-ups of non-import offensive lineman, Khan and St. Germain. Roberts, the best running back in the league will continue to dominate and will have more room to run this year. Milt Stegall will also continue to be the legend he is and will get over 1000 yards receivng this year. Look for Brad Banks to push Glenn for the starting role if Glenn fails. Barrin Simpson was a big pick-up at linebacker this year and could easily be an all-star. But the biggest help the defence got was from the offensive non-import pick-ups which allow the Bombers to play more imports in their secondary. Their secondary will improve but have a long way to go allowing over 6000 yards passing last year, by far the worst in the league. There defensive line will also have to step up having the second worst rushing yards against last year. Look for the rookie of the year Gavin Walls to continue his strong play from last year. Having a new coach and defensive coordinator will help immensely. Winnipeg will be in the play-off hunt this year but need to step up their defensive play to make it. A great defense could mean a home playoff game for this team).

Bet they finish higher than Winnipeg!

You guys are giving BC Far too much credit by putting them in first.....But I hope You're right and I'm wrong!!! :wink:

WEST Injuries could shuffle the standings very easilly!

CALGARY 11-7 A little bit of fine tuning and they will lead the tough West Div
EDMONTON 10-8 Minor moves, but they are the champs, the team to beat
BC 9-9 Could finish higher if their Import Linemen work out. Good defense.
SASK 8-10 Big Improvement in dispersal draft. If Injuries hit Big 3 Riders could move up


MONTREAL 10-8 Mathews seems to always find a way to win.
Toronto 9-9 Strong Defense, Damon is close to "passing the torch"
Hamilton 9-9 Most improved team. Could surprise a few in playoffs
WINNIPEG 6-12 You need a starting QB to win in the CFL. Great receivers, but No QB

Possible Hamilton VS Edmonton Grey Cup Maas VS Ray?????

I think this will be the best CFL season yet, with the races in both divisions really close!

:lol: You guy's are funny....

West Div

  1. Edm ( Skill & depth)
  2. Cal ( Will give Edm a run, but not enough)
  3. Sask (Only because of BC,s Woe's)
  4. BC ( Come On, Dave will get hurt)

East Div

  1. Wpg (They always do well in the East)
  2. Mont ( Will battle with Bombers for 1st)
  3. Tor ( 500. team if best)
  4. Ham (Canadian Coach, Nuff said)

Now let the cheap shots begin... :twisted: I'm just being honest...

Winnerpegger.....You have to smoke our BC Bud in moderation!

Winnipeg in first, led by a backup Quarterback???......PM Kanga....hE'S BEEN PLANNING THE PARADE ROUTE FOR M ONTHS!

maybe you should be smokeing some of our North End Killer Sport... Why don't you take a look at Glenns stats last year, not back-up numbers I asure you. Hell, our O was not the weakness... I don't mind cheap shots, but you can do better then that Sport. Get you facts.

I agree...Your O-line was not the weakness. Thats why I was so surprised you guys picked up two linemen in the draft. You know what the cliche is about stats is... (I'll point the finger at us 11-0 start...)

We'll agree to disagree.....Papa and I have had this discussion numerous times and we disagree to.