My CFL book now available to buy as Download

I've made my CFL book available for purchase as a download on a trial basis thru Lulu for $13.12 US. Just remember to select download option or unselect "Print."

Any questions, post here or PM me.

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good stuff, but why list the AFL on the cover as dead? they are still alive and well as the AFC, I would have listed the XFL instead.

The AFL is Dead Kanga! You are getting mixed up two NFL conferances...NFC & AFC

I beleive the Arena league has different initials.......

Actually the arena league uses the initials AFL because the original AFL is gone.

Yeah, it was a reference to departed American Football League of early 1960s.

I ran of room for an XFL tombstone --- besides all the others lasted more than one year.

Actually, didn't the original American Football League morph into what is, in essence, the current AFC? I mean, sure some of its franchises are currently in the NFL now, but still.

Well, the AFL merged into the NFL in 67 if I remmeber tho it took a couple of years to complete.

All AFL teams were admitted -- among them Bills, Jets, Chiefs. That's why there is an AFC division.

When the USFL sued the NFL for anti-trust in 85 (?), the NFL were not pleased. That was one main reason why none of those teams got into NFL --- tho several thought they would.

oh boy, the USFL, what a funny story there, I wonder what they did with the $3 that they got from the suit? :lol:

Sporty, don't question my knowledge on Football History unless you know I'm making stuff up, which isn't often, and w/o me saying so.

and Geo is right, so back to my original saying, it would have been better to have the XFL than the AFL (which is ALIEVE and well as the AFC) and now adding to it, not to confuse with the Arena league.

Mongo, the ArenaFL is a rival to the NFL, but I wouldn't call it the new American Football League since the old one played Football similar to the NFL, while Arena is a totally different from of Football.