My Burlington Stadium Wish List

I'd like to see any football/entertainment complex complex in Burlington involve slots just as Flamborough Downs does.

Thanks Captain, I appreciate that.

Rather than build a "bowl" configuration common in U.S. football stadiums, in Canadian football it's the sideline seats which are important. Unlike in curling, the end zone is a poor place to watch a CFL game, IMO.

I'd keep things simple, build the biggest grandstand on each side of the field possible with the funding provided. 12,500 seats on one side, 12,500 on the other. Throw down some lawn seed...then let's play ball! :thup:

If you wanted to get fancy, add in a video screen, lights, bucket seats, press box, change rooms, and plenty of washrooms. The concessions could be in outdoor tents ringing the grandstands to save money. Add in a 5,000/15,000-seat movable end-zone grandstand (which could slide forward for soccer or concerts).

Unfortunately the new Winnipeg stadium seems to be modeled after a U.S. college blueprint. Perhaps the bowl design will cut down on the wind, but there are fewer sideline seats (with 10,000+ permanent end-zone seats) than with the existing Canad stadium, which actually has an excellent CFL configuration.

Given the dimensions of a Canadian football field, agree with you. A bowl involves an awful lot of seats wrapped around a big endzone. Better to focus on the sideline seats instead.

I think a new stadium at the Aldershot site is the best possible outcome, but I think anyone hoping for IWS sightlines will be disappointed, regardless of where a new stadium might be built.

Because of player safety concerns, and potential insurance costs, I can't possibly imagine that a new purpose-built football stadium would be allowed to have walls as close to the sidelines as the current design at Ivor Wynne. As a fan, I love it, but just as the league moved away from leather helmets, I don't think we can expect a brick wall in close proximity to the sidelines again.

Okay, one thing we need is 25000 at least . 22....25...come on lets get that other 3000 to 8000 seats.

I think if the Burlington Deal go threw
I like to see Bob Move all His Hamilton Bases Companies to Burlington
Give the Jobs to Area that Supported Him
They could Build the Offices Right near the Stadium.

MRX Offices
Ticats Offices
Lulu Canada Offces
The Futire Soccer Team Offices

Punish Hamilton

Real seats for 1 ... and a real coach ...and maybe a no alcohol zone in a better location of the stadium

I would wish for the Stadium to be DESTROYED by a tornado, earthquake, or lightning induced fire.


30,000 seats with room in the endzones to expand to 50,000 for GREY CUP !! :thup: