My Burlington Stadium Wish List

Tongue is firmly planted in cheek here but this is my wish list for the new Hamilton Tiger-Cat stadium in Burlington.
First: 30 000 seat capacity with Grey Cup expandability, and get those corporate boxes in there so you can make $$.
Second: Similar if not the same sight lines to IWS
Third: Ample parking for pregame picnicking :wink:, may I suggested unpaved parking areas. Tailgating on the grass of Scott Park is awesome!
Fourth: A paved walking path from the Aldershot GO station to the stadium. Makes it easier for us GO users.
Fifth: Make sure you not only can have soccer and football games but can hold concerts, MMA fights, Supercross Races and Monster Truck events there as well. Keep it busy and keep making money so we can keep seeing the Cat's play!
Sixth: I know this won't happen, but if you dome it you can have events year round including tradeshows!

On the Grey Cup expandibility thing... since you're on the GO line you have alot more hotels around including Niagara Falls. A little coordination with the Fall Casino's and GO and you could have shuttles running to and from the Grey Cup Festival in Burllington every quarter hour.

Ya I'm dreaming, so what, wouldn't it be nice to see something go the Ticats way and happen in such a way the city they are working with benefits too!
So what is your stadium wish list?

  • Minimum 25,000 seats, not the 22 as reported. (Personally i think 30 is the number)
  • Ample parking (Love the tailgate idea Jare)
  • The Canadian Football Hall of Fame on site
  • Team owned restaurant on site, for gamedays only

Great thread

My Burlington Stadium Wish List:

-a stadium

Restaurant at the stadium with Hooter's waitresses. :cowboy:

Just kidding, some might hit the offensive button. Oh, this isn't the Spec site. :wink: Ok, in that case, maybe a Sundowner type of establishment on site. :o

Excellent list Jare.

It's sort of what I was looking for here, but our councillors suffer from tunnel vision.

Regardless, Hamilton would have only done this on the cheap anyway. Burlington will likely do it up right.

Good luck to Aldershot, Burlington in their stadium venture. I must agree that they would do a better job
there than we in Hamilton could do, mainly due to the ineptness of our city council here.

The question now is, can Burlington get their act together in a short time by coming up with outside investors, will the final outcome suit the Ti-Cats needs and will Burlington have the capability to stage other attractions in such a venue to make it

After Feb 1st, when Hamilton still hasn't come up with a site, I would hope that any HOSTCO monies that were destined
for a Pan Am stadium in Hamilton will go to Burlington.

If all working parties are smart, I think it will play out this way.

A new home for the CFL Hall Of Fame residence and a Box J Section.. :cowboy:

25,000 Seats
Field Turf
Lots of Bathrooms and Places to buy Food
Burlington Buses free game day and they Finish at 2 AM
Lots of Parking

Never having to back go to Hamilton for Anything ticat Related
that Means moving the Team Office to Burlington also.

I’m thinking that the CFL football hall of fame will go to Ottawa - probably in on of the historic pavillions they are renovating at Lansdowne or maybe in the same building as the new Art Gallery that is going to Lansdowne.
Ottawa would be a great place for the Hall of Fame - at least a lot more people would get to see it.

A Awesome Tailgate Area :thup:

Its tradition !!

You mean their waterfront stadium that is not near a highway, with underground parking and is very pedestrian and urban friendly?

A location that is not isolated form other urban amenities?

A similar plan that the city of Hamilton wanted and planned for for years?

I’m thinking that the CFL football hall of fame will go to Ottawa - probably in the historic Aberdeen pavillion that they are renovating at Lansdowne or maybe in the same building as the new Art Gallery that is going to Lansdowne.
Ottawa would be a great place for the Hall of Fame - at least a lot more people would get to see it.

As long as it has 25,000 seats, a beer tent and a much better washroom setup, i'm happy.

From an earlier thread I made- as lame and bush league as Calgary and Winnipeg look, it is better to have most seats between the goal lines so i hope they start that way, with permanent footings in the end zones for proper permanent stands in 10 years when the demand inevitably matches Montreal seeing as they will be following that model.

True, but you can't deny the $$$ that BMO got for 'naming rights'....

Captain Kirk:
The topic of this thread is "My Burlington Stadium Wish List" not "Kirk's Platform to Debate the Merits of the West Harbour"
You've stated your opinion in many other threads. This thread is being optimistic about having a stadium close by. I would appreciate it if you discontinued your hijacking of this thread and stayed on topic. You want the stadium at WH, I get it. Let other people have a voice who are open to a solution that might work.
Thanks and Happy 2011 Capt.

To everyone else, thanks for keeping to the spirit of the thread and keep the ideas coming.
BTW I like the idea of a 25000 seater with no endzone seats for now...and add them later.
Great idea.
One question I have, would a grassed parking lot work? I was just thinking about my idea and if they have 50 to 100 events there a year the lawn might get chewed up pretty bad.

You're right. I got sidetracked by mikem's post re: Ottawa's stadium plan.

My apologies. I'll stick to discussing Burlington in this thread, although don't expect supporting posts.

No 7 oclock starts on Fri. games, pls.

If the TiCats do end up playing out of a Burlington Stadium, I hope that they’ll still run the shuttle buses from places like Limeridge, Eastgate, and whatnot as they do now.

As for features of the stadium itself, seats with backs, sight lines that match those of Ivor Wynne, concession lines that move fast enough that I don’t have to miss the first few minutes of the 2nd half, and strategically located Argos logos in the bathrooms. Those would on my wish list for Hamilton stadium too, by the way (as would a Hamilton stadium).

............and The Palettas have the property zoned for a 9,000-seat hockey arena, and Mitchell hinted that project would be part of a football stadium complex. A 9,000 arena would be ideal for the Bull Dogs too. They can't do any worse than playing in front of 1,000 fans in a 17,000 seat arena.
As for end zone seats, you don't need them you have to have seats between the goal lines and you can sell them at a premium price. Iws just had too many seats behind the goal lines and without backs, people buy the cheap seats and should be buying the premium seats.