My brush with Don Narcisse

I am a cats fan and season ticket holder for a number of years. I just wanted to share my story with you guys. If anyone knows how to post it on the Saskatchewan site without paying $25 let me know. I was in California recently with my family. We were taking one of those tours when it came to our attention that we were sitting next to Don Narcisse and his family. I was talking to him and his wife - wow these are great people. So down to earth. I had a run in years ago with Deon Sanders in NYC. I asked him for his autograph for my son and he flat out said "no - he was chillin". What an A@#. Anyways we talked for quite a while and before we parted he got off the bus and posed for a picture and even gave me his phone #. So refreshing. We were all very impressed. He even gave me his phone # at the end, which I will use when he gets into the hall of fame. Anyways I guess the moral of my story is that not all of these elite athletes are jerks and the CFL players seem so much down to earth. Thanks Don if you ever read this.

Sanders is a multi-millionaire and one of the most reconizable faces in football. I bet not a day goes by that less than 10 people ask for his autograph. Narcisse never even made six figures when he played ball and I bet your the only person in California that reconizes him. Quite different lifestyles make very different people. To illustrate, Mike Vanderjagt made $60 000 with the Argos and was a fan friendly favorite, after playing for the Colts he is now selling his 4 million dollar house and is known around the league to be the most arrogant kicker.

While so many people complain about the millionaires in pro sports, they won't give the CFL a chance. Is this not the kinda league everyone so called wants?

I understand where you are coming from, but he was still an A$$. I am not the type of person who would generally approach a celebrity (these 2 were it for me - although one day i rode an escalator beside Bobby Clark - even he was nice). I know that they are not the same level of celebrity but Don Narcisse was with his family and more willing to talk than Deon Sanders who was all alone and all I asked him for was an autograph - I had no desire to talk to him. The Sun just had a story about Sam Mitchell running into a fan at a London Ontario mall. The fan asked if he could shake his hand and Sam very reluctantly shook his hand and then just walked away saying he hoped nobody else recognizes him. The fans are who make these people who they are. I just wanted to make the point that it was refreshing, but i understand your point.