my big worry

As well as the Defence played last week, including the various individual plays that were key, I really believe that our defence talent is hampered by poor coaching and systems that will be our undoing. If you noticed last week, and most prior weeks, our defence would have great first down success, forcing teams into 2nd and long, and that is when we mess up, with teams constantly converting 2nd and long. Last week, like clockwork, the D coach would pull a lineman and send in Mariuz for a 3-4 set up, which was never disguised, and an open signal to the Offence to take advantage of. In most of these 3-4 alignments, the backs were in a “react” mode and due to no rush, the QB just had to be patient to convert, so wait to see what damage Glenn will do on that. Tweaking this by disguising blitzes, or different player drop-offs, a la Stubler, would at least confuse the Offence but our set ups are high school like. In my opinion, do not blame the players, blame the defensive coaches for this situation. I believe we are a player or two from having a great D, but our true defensive prowess will show when we get a coach on defence who is not on the learning curve. As much as I hope we win, pay careful attention to our defence and you will see how this “react” defence which may work in high school, will just get torched by Glenn and Stegall.