My beefs...

We won. I'm not going to call for anyone's head (on the team or coaching staff). My 2 beefs are with referreeing and the concesions.

Referees: On the punt by Calgary, they were flagged for "illegal formation" at the snap of the ball. On the return, DJ got called for a late hit. The blind zebras were going to give Calgary the ball in our zone, until Ronnie nearly gave himself an aneurism yelling at them about it. IIRC, we ended up getting the ball 15 yards back from the point of the foul. It took them about 5 minutes to sort out something as basic as that. Unbelievable.

Concessions: At the first intermission, I went down from Box "I" to get some popcorn and water. Lo and behold, there were only 2 servers at the cash registers. I was told that the others were "on a break". I then went to the other booth (under Box "J"), and the same thing was happening. Not only were there not enough servers, but they didn't even think to call the peple waiting in line to come over to their EMPTY LINE!!! I tried to talk to a manager, and got an assistant. I asked her what the rationale was for having half of their servers on break during the change of a quarter. She told me that they need the breaks, and "what would you prefer, have them on break now, or at half-time?" I said that neither was acceptable, she said "Sorry", turned on her heel, and walked away. THEN I got angry, and informed her that her attitude was unnacceptable, and that the organiation would hear about it.

Mr. Bowden, I believe that you said that you were going to "fix" the concessions issues. This has not been done. The servers are floating around in a daze, and look at you like a deer in the headlights because they have no clue how to deal with the pulic. This comes down to a severe lack in training, and a laissez-faire attitude bu the Compass managers. I will not be purchasing any items (except perhaps, water, but that's another issue) from the concession booths for the remainder of the season. If I remember correctly, Mr. Young said that he would go as far as cancelling the concessions for the remainder of the season if they cannot be sorted out. That time has come.

The beer service, however, was outstanding.

Agreed on all accounts

Mr. Snowden, I believe that you said that you were going to "fix" the concessions issues. This has not been done.

(I know you mean't Bowden.....just funnin')...we all make typos.

concessions on the South side was actually quite good. Beer lines were long though. But then again, it was very hot. We need more beer stands serving the cans.

Thanks mikey, the typo has been fixed.

Staff of the team probably aren't allowed to just come on here and point out how goofy and FOS this all sounds but I am, and will.
I think you're either just straight up lying or this story's been embelished to such ridiculous levels the truth has long since fled.

What intermission? The break between quarters is shorter than the commercial breaks and in fact doesn't halt play any longer than a possesion change.

I assume the problem with there being only two servers was the long line-up right?
So you waited in line at one booth, asked a question, (or how could you get an answer)
then left and went farther down the way just so you could wait in line a second time?
It sounds like you were looking for trouble more than popcorn.

If there's 50 people standing in one line and none in another serving area, guess what....the only person I'm calling is a camera man to get a photo of the geniuses that need to be told a counter with no one at it will get someone served faster than one with a line up. Not to mention, just how big a problem could the breaks have been if there was an area that by your own description had an EMPTY LINE?

She walked away.......let me repeat that, SHE WALKED AWAY.
And then you informed her?
So FANS IN the long line up (beside the EMPTY LINE) were delayed even longer while you, (at the second booth) gave a piece of your mind to a woman that apologised but wasn't there anymore.

Just because you weren't happy with them (just like last game) doesn't mean they havn't improved.

Says you.
Hard not to notice the lack of complaints from the other 28,000 since the initial problems.


Who is this canucklehead and who trained him in the world of customer service(read disservice)Sounds like a retraining job to me,eh?

sounds like someone i wouldn't hire.

so let me get this straight, you would rather blame the customer who was fed up with poor service, than look at the poor service... (you never post at do you? one of those guys defending kenton keith/roy shivers/danny barret in everything they do, do you? just curious)