My Assessment of Tillman

I think of all the moves he made in the offseason and during the year, he only made 2 bad moves. Trading away Fred Perry, and bringing in Michael Bishop.

I know injuries (especially to Chick) made the D-line weak, but they were never able to replace Fred. The pass rush was miserable all year. Let's face it, the experiment of Kitwana Jones at DE didn't work. The man is a linebacker, and should be used as one. The strength of our defense is the linebackers - clearly. The backfield also did a pretty good job. But the D-line was the week area of the defense. They're not too bad against the run, but not good at all at getting pressure on the QB. Last night we lost in the trenches. Pierce was pressured a couple of times, but no sacks - again! I think next year we have to re-build the D-line to a certain extent. I still think Chick is a keeper, but the rest - I dunno. With all the good linebackers we have , it seems a shame some had to sit out, while so-so linemen were playing every play. Maybe they should cosider making us more of a 3-4 D? But at the very least we have to find some linemen who can pressure the QB.

Bishop - well need I say anything about that move? I know Crandell had a couple of brutal games, but was he that bad that a Michael Bishop was better? After last year's east final, it should have been clear that he was not the answer for us.
Overall I'm very happy with all the moves Tillman has made, but nobody's perfect. IMHO, we know the weaknesses, and now we can correct them. Get rid of Bishop - now, and shore up the D-line, and we should be in good shape for next year.

IMHO we also need to do something about special teams returns. I haven't looked at the stats but would hazard a guess we were last in the league in average return yardage. ET must also address this.

I concur with your very prescient observations. I think you still have Kyle Mitchell on the roster, I think he deserves another look at DE, I was impressed with him last season. And a BIG agreement with you about Kitwana Jones. I thought he was the ultimate wild card, they'd move him around, put him in different positions in different looks, and you just never knew where the guy was coming from. But as a full time DE, he's a fish out of water, and that's a real shame cause the guy has talent to burn.

Bishop I've never liked...............I wonder whatever happened to that poster "argofanone" I think it was, who had a man-crush on Bishop, he's been really quiet the past few weeks................

Im kind of thinking its the coaching on that part myself...

I would like to see us develop a specialized kick returner. I guess it was supposed to be Dressler. We also need to work on dropping players to provide some blocking!

[quote="jman_135" Im kind of thinking its the coaching on that part myself...
I think you are right on that as well. I would agree that the coaching didn't seem to be up to snuff, but we are still in need of a bonafide punt returner. Dressler did okay, but not spectacular as Holmes did in the past for us.

There were a couple of things people overlook regarding special teams. One is that when a guy like Dressler moves up to a starting position, that will hurt ST. Then when a few guys---Marshall, Walker, etc., are every week moved up to that starting position, and a new guy comes in, you never get continuity. And as some of them were hurt, that becomes part of it. But the other thing is, with all the injuries, often people overlook an obvious fact. If you lose a starter, his back=up might be decent. But how about the guy playing behind him? Because that's now the special teams guy. And we actually lost two of our better ST players to injuries---Brandon Lynch and the guy whose name escapes me, but who broke his leg same game as Flick. ST do not exist in a vacuum and all the injuries likely had as big, maybe bigger impact on the teams, than on offence.

Very good points - I don't think people realize the far-reaching impact of multiple injuries. It's not an excuse for losing, but it is a reality that has to be managed and the more there are, the thinner the management time is for any one of the replacements.

I agree, the trading of Fred Perry was a bad decision. Kitwana Jones belongs at linebacker. I mean he had those 2 good fumble recoveries for touchdowns, but thats just being in the right place at the right time. Hopefully we can find someone as a rush-end for next season.

[quote author="Riderfanatic"]

I think you are right on that as well. I would agree that the coaching didn't seem to be up to snuff, but we are still in need of a bonafide punt returner. Dressler did okay, but not spectacular as Holmes did in the past for us.

I say we re-sign Corey Holmes and have Dressler as a Slotback.

Corey will never play professional football again. I hate it as much as you but it isn't even an option anymore. There's lots of people that could be great, and Dressler has potential but i say don't let him! If we thinka bout it... he was out leading receiver last year, and to honest showed more skill then any others... so im gonna go out on a limb and say he is our best... i know many of you will disagree but thats how i see it.

Why won't he ever play again?

Because he is a thousand years old in football terms and hasn’t played in a year?

Tilman without a question has brought in some talented players either threw trades or nfl cuts, the thing i don't like about him, and its not all his fault but he is the gm is that he sticks with his own players. Two examples are Bowman and Bishop. He was so high on Bowman at the start of the season and he ended up where he couldn't hold on to the ball. It is my understanding that Dominguez was a healthy scratch from what i read in the paper although at 80%. Even only partially healthy he can still hold onto the ball where Bowman dropped it and killed drives. As far as Bishop i don't need to explain my disapointment in his play, i think that Tillman and Miller both wanted him to suceed so much and kept the full load on him that they forgot about players like Cates, and Hughes who were big parts to our 6-0 start especially playing inthe cold temperatures.

We also lost Berman who could be an excellent returner he is supposedly as fast as or faster than Dressler. He is big to, unfortunately he was injured from a horse collar tackle by Browner in one of the Calgary games.