'My arm is alive'


What he said.

hehe hoist by his own petard. :wink:

Everyone knew Maas had injury problems, but as one of the people who regularly defended him, it does kind of tick me off that he would come out with a statement like that. It insinuates that he was playing when he knew very well that he wasn't up to the task.

Maas is gone now!!

Now all of us Cat fans can focus on the positive. We have two legitimate QB`s here. Looking forward to a good year and some respect around the league :smiley:

you already have the best ownership around. what more do you want.

sheesh, talk about being greedy :stuck_out_tongue:

you already have the best ownership around. what more do you want.
How about a winning record, beating the blue team and making the playoffs!! :lol:

Maybe Jason is still lying about
how his arm was when he was here, Tina.

I know his throwing strength was no where near
as severely limited as everyone thought it was.

Jason was just so worried about
earning his big paycheck here

and being the # 1 man in charge

he was afraid he would really injure his arm
if he put 100% of his strength behind his passes.

I didn't defend him because he was
so concerned about himself that

he couldn't even be civil to people

and couldn't care less whether people
were offended by his rudeness or not.

I fail to understand why some posters here knock certian threads.

If you don't find it interesting, then move along to the next thread. There are many here and certainly some should entice interest.

To be honest I didn't think it was that big of a problem until I saw him play live then it couldn't have been more obvious that it was near impossible for him to make even half the throws you expect a pro qb to make.


That's a very good point, Ron. I generally give people the benefit of the doubt and I did in his case, but when I saw the way he treated people I knew he would not be here long. You may be right about him overstating the problem with his arm to explain away his lack of success.

I saw hardly any Arena ball on TV this year, I think it was two years ago NBC had it and it was on every Saturday. I was surprised to see the crowd numbers in the Eakin link, over 6000 for AFL2!


Not that it matters now but...
fandom shouldnt forget how HE was treated by alot people in this city especially from the low-brows, oragutans and ignorami who sit in the sections behind the bench.
And if the people who acted out their same low key hostility to Maas in public as they did on this site we shouldnt be surprised Maas didnt win any Charlotte Simmons awards.

" If Eakin started over Maas at least Flick and Goss would still be here.(rumour as Goss quit on this team because of Lancaster and because everyone on the defence wanted Eakin to start)".wrote Drexl Just a thought if true will Goss quit again on Eskomos if Ray is hurt and Maas has to start?

If the CFL had an Angry Man award
he would have won that hands down

I am talking about Jason being less than civil
and sometimes downright rude to people

who approached him in a courteous and
respectful way to talk with him, Zone.

Dunno, ron.
Maybe he was so used to the braying morons he didnt recognize civility when he saw it.
Maybe you caught him on a bad day, who knows.

I never approached Jason, Zontar, but
I saw how he dealt with eager fans

many times before or after practice.


ONknight, who greets all the players before practice,
and builds up quite a relationship with many of them

related one particularly heart-warming experience
that he had with Jason here on ticats.ca last year.

It was because late in that year Maas was barely able to throw 35 yards and became a joke among ti-cat defenders, also Eakin was owning Maas in practice, and the 1 game Eakin started that year Winnipeg was stealing Paopao's signals which everyone on the team new which lead to Yeast getting into a fight with Joe which lead to Yeast being cut on the spot.

And I think it was Marshall's biggest flaw as a coach for not starting guys who earned the right to like Eakin who was the better qb in training camp and preseason. So instead of admitting they made a bad trade and start Eakin and look kind of stupid they instead stuck with an injured qb and made this organization look like a bunch of crack victims for 2 years.

But ya i'm not bringing any of this up no more lol