'My arm is alive'

I know it’s snow from last year, but the following excerpt from today’s Edmonton Journal confirms what everybody knew, but nobody would really say. Too bad the team had to waste all that money, time and two seasons down the drain with a quarterback with a ‘dead’ arm who kept insisting, at least in the press, that it was okay.

EDMONTON - Edmonton Eskimos quarterback Jason Maas threw a flag for procedure Thursday on all those football reporters who have already penned the obituary on his playing career.
At 32, Maas figures he has at least a few more years of football left in him -- even with a medical chart as thick as the Toronto phone book.
"I feel normal again," Maas said upon completion of back-to-back practices on Thursday's Day 4 of Esks' training camp. "My arm, last year, was pretty much dead at this point.
"My arm is alive."
… Maas underwent the third major surgery of his career 18 months ago to repair his right throwing shoulder.
At one point, he couldn't even throw the ball five yards.
"The last couple of years, I would see a receiver run and not be sure if I could get the ball there," Maas said. "I would think I had thrown a good ball, but it would come up 10 yards short."

Who cares?

Six months between posts for this? :roll:
No Eakin stories out there?

Yes, six months between posts ... because there are such snarky people on this forum it's rather discouraging for anyone to post anything.
I see nothing wrong with posting a snippet-update from a paper on how a former player is doing elsewhere. It's done on here all the time.
Maybe I should take some nasty pills like some of you obviously do.

I'm not being nasty...I just could care less about the career of a QB who tried his best to create years of losses for us by repeatedly lying about his health.

So does this mean he's going to give back his 600k salary to us?

I still don't believe his arm is fine, I'll believe that when I see it. I'd be surprised if he can throw 45 yards.

I know it’s snow from last year
what does this mean???

Go cut the grass.

Only because you asked :lol:

[url=http://www.af2.com/ViewArticle.dbml?SPSID=35869&SPID=2860&DB_OEM_ID=3525&ATCLID=1476903]http://www.af2.com/ViewArticle.dbml?SPS ... ID=1476903[/url]

Lets see now...he starts the last 6 games...wins them all...AND is player of the game for 4 of them.

OH sure it's Arena football...but the guy is still playing and having fun and getting paid to do it! :thup:

Thanks for continuing to show an interest! :wink:

And "Castaway"...that's "zontar's" Welcome :roll:

He doesn't speak for all the football fans! I'm pleased to hear that Jason is feeling better. too bad he was "damaged goods" when he was in Hamilton.

I wish him all the best!

Snow from last year? Like water under the bridge I guess. Or maybe no use crying over spilt Mass?
Zontar, I'd cut the grass if I had any. Maybe you could smoke some and mellow out?

I would gladly loan you my grass to cut. 8)

once all that snow from last yr finally melts that is :wink:

Even though this info isn't news to anyone, except for all of Maas's gang who kept insisting Maas was fine. But anyways who is at fault here, Edmonton for making us give up so much for damaged goods or Ron Lancaster/Robert Katz for not giving Maas a full physical before finalizing the trade?

Shouldn't Edmonton owwwe us big time now. I'm hoping we give them the beat down of their lives on the football field this year and I'm hoping Maas is their starter when it happens.

Actually, it's Arena League 2 a development league for the AFL.

But I guess you gotta start somewhere.

AF1 AF2 same litter :slight_smile:

Still Eakins 6 game career playing parking lot football is far more impressive than Maas's career as a ti-cat.

If Eakin started over Maas at least Flick and Goss would still be here. (rumour was Goss quit on this team because of Lancaster and because everyone on the defence wanted Eakin to start)

That would have given the defence even more playing time to showcase their wares...


ok ... not getting into the eakin/mass debacle ...water (melted snow?!) under the bridge at this point. but i didnt know arena football even still existed ... let alone arena2. and did you see how many teams they have?! i was going to look at rosters for any familiar names - but i dont have the time to go through THAT many teams!!

Those years are behind us My Fellow Fans.
It Time think about 2008 and Beyond
We can't fix what was broken in past.
Time to look Upon a new 2008 Season is about to be Born.. And Hope for the best.

rumour was Goss quit on this team because of Lancaster
without knowing facts of any issue, by default, I stand with Ronny SR. against just about anybody.