My Argos Season Tickets Have Arrived

Keep in mind - with some costs overuns MLSE has reportedly paid close to $120 million on the renovations over the last two years. And any money the city put in they will recoup because of how their lease agreement works with MLSE through 2037.

Money the city recoups largely because of revenue generated at the large number of soccer games scheduled to be played there each year over the length of the lease. (20+ games each year). For MLSE outdoor hockey games were always part of the equation of the money they were investing in this project.

This renovation would have not happened without TFC. CFL fans might want to keep that in mind before expressing absurd wishes that TFC's best players get hurt as a result of damage caused to the turf by a CFL game. :roll:

Has anyone actually expressed that sentiment Travel they want to see TFC players hurt as a result of the Argos playing there? I certainly haven't I don't believe.

Bottom line is that the Argos stadium now. MLS ratings have crashed even further into the abyss this season. In the end this is the exact scenario that will play out.
It will play out like a stock market crash with everyone trying to sell their teams,but the teams will have no value. This will occur precisely when someone like Forbes releases an article stating that the MLS will never receive any significant revenues from US TV.
Why this has not happened already is beyond me, because at this point he best chance THE mLS has is to bring in more Mexican players and try to get the Spanish language TV money. The league will do to ue to lose 100 million or more every year and this will never stop until they get a large TV contract ,that obviously will never come.
What happened to the Arena Football league is going to happen to the MLS very soon, and TFC will be the equivalent of what the Ottawa Fury are.

Come on Pat , to compare CFL fans in general to " Loose lips Bungle" is hardly fair or appropriate , (by doing so you are including yourself and me and 99.9999 % of CFL fans to Bungle :roll: ).................. the same could be said on occasion over at RP site but we all know it is not representative of soccer fans in general .

One poster did above Earl - expressing the wish that the Atomic Ant - Giovinco tear up a knee in a CFL divot. And a number of others shamefully in other posts have expressed their desire to see the field get torn up by the Argos to negatively impact soccer.

As a fan of both sports - that sort of stuff is pathetic IMO.

FYI - MLSE manage this stadium and THEY still consider their team TFC their primary tenant. Through four home games TFC have averaged over 27,000 fans - more than the capacity for the Argos. They also have double the number of home games the Argos will have. TFC will attract something in the area of 450,000-500,000 fans this year. Even including a home playoff game and the Grey Cup the CFL will not be anywhere near that for BMO Field.

This is a great stadium for the Argos. I'm glad they have it. But they only have it because of MLSE and TFC. Without their massive contributions this would not have happened.

If the Argos shred up the turf and Mighty Ant gets hurt ,it would be the best thing that could happen for TFC from a financial stand point.
The pitch gets converted to field turf.
DPs refuse to play for Toronto.
TFC reduces its payroll to the MLS salary cap (15 percent of what they are spending now)
The team loses a heck of alot less money.
Like if the Riders bring in 10 million dollars more in revenue than TFC and pay their players less than a quarter of TFC's payroll, and can only manage a 800k profit. Then TFC is easily bleeding 30 million a year.
If TFC reduced it's payroll to the MLS salary cap, and not a single fan showed up to see them play on field turf, the team would still lose only a fraction of what they are losing now.

You are living on fantasy island if you think TFC is to thank for the Argos getting into the stadium. The Argos were put into the stadium by city hall. City Hall was threatening to sue MLSE, and thus MLSE had no choice.
The original stadium construction agreement was iron clad in that the stadium must be compatible for the Argos.
This pissed off Rogers so much that they opted out of the ownership of the team,despite being on the hook for their share of the renovations.

Do you honestly believe that Rogers willingly spent millions of dollars on the CFL Pat?
Sometimes,your love for everything Toronto compromises your intelligence.

I'm looking forward to Argos at BMO. No doubt about it.

No - they spent tens of millions for their soccer team (and hockey teams) - with them undoubtedly hoping for an outdoor game every couple of years for the Leafs and/or Marlies) - and the Argos will benefit greatly as a result because of the approx. $20 - $25 million of the close to $130 million spent the last two years on BMO that allows BMO to accommodate the Argos.

The Rogers part of MLSE must have felt it was worthwhile to spend over $100 million of MLSE money to benefit teams they have an owership share in - and the Argos aren't one of those.

Last night I dreamt that I was at the Argo opener with my son checking out the new stadium. Only in my dream it looked nothing like BMO.
My tickets arrived yesterday so that must’ve triggered it. Sadly, in my dream the stadium was half empty.
Why am l dreaming about Argo games and their attendance issues?
in my sleep.
(Okay l made up that last bit about
yelling Argos…but still, I probably need help.)

Maybe your dream occurred at half-time :wink:

Got my package yesterday. Looking forward to Saturday :thup:

A quarter of the cost was jackhammering out seats for the Argos... Rogers spent around 10 million dollars just on the Argos.
MLSE knew there was no point in going. To court because they would lose.
That's why David Braley was so cocky and drug the sale out for a year. He knew,that he could retain ownership of the team and MLSE would still be on the hook for shoehorning the Argos info BMO.
It was a giant game of chicken that MLSE lost ,and Rogers was a sore loser

Rogers/MLSE lost? THEY not the Argos make money from concessions at BMO. THEY have a soccer team averaging 27,000+ a game who now have more season tickets because of the stadium expansion and generate a ton of additional money from corporate boxes that stadium did not have before. THEY have been awarded an outdoor hockey game on January 1st that will generate a gate of several millions of dollars for them.

Rogers are now rid of a tenant that they obviously really didn't want a couple of years early so that they've been able to make changes to their stadium beneficial to their baseball team.

How did they lose?

Don't get me wrong - the Argos didn't lose - but nor did Rogers/MLSE.

I dreamt my best friend and I were running from monsters - a type of meds I take gives me awful, vivid dreams. Then my best friend disappeared. Not sure how/why. :frowning:

They had to spend money to keep a team alive that they had spent the better part of a decade trying to bury. Yeah, Rogers had no issues with spending money on the roof and other upgrades,but Im sure it pained them to write the cheque for the demolition of the grandstands to get the Argos in. That cost was over 20 million and Rogers had to pay 37.5% of it

Pat, Rogers did NOT want the Argos at either BMO nor the Rogers Center and the ONLY reason they acquiesced was due to the fact that the City of Toronto told them under NO uncertain terms that the Argos were to be included (as originally planned) at BMO for upgrades to be approved.

Had the City not made such a provision, Rogers (who also hold veto holdings in MLSE) would have gleefully shut out the Argos from both venues and thus forcing them to fold.
and you know this.

not sure why you constantly defend Rogers as they have done nothing but attempt to destroy the Argos/CFL at every turn.

I prefer being a lone wolf. But you said this alot mpre eloquently than

TBH, I think Pat is just being objective. I hate Rogers, too, but I doubt they are losing a moment's sleep over the Argos.

Interesting comments about zero coverage about the Argos camp from not just Sportsnet but TSN too and no coverage by the Toronto Star.

[b]Sadly, there’s no media attention surrounding this club as it prepares to ring in a new era this Saturday, even though it is a pre-season game against Hamilton, at BMO Field.

Sportsnet, to quote one of its leading mavens, doesn’t give a flying fidoo about three-down football, unless there’s some negative angle worth chasing.

At TSN, whose parent company is one of the Argonauts’ owners, there has been no one around since camp opened last Sunday.

And we mean no one as in no one, even though its radio property carries Double Blue games.

It’s a joke, downright embarrassing, and perhaps having the team within the GTA this season, preferably within the 416 area code will help.[/b]

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