My Argos Season Tickets Have Arrived

I just received my 2016 season tickets for our Argos.
Here's to a new beginning at BMO.
Go Argos :rockin:

congrats Dave. :thup:
here's hoping the Argos sellout every single game this season and become a prominent sports fixture in the GTA once again. fact, I could foresee the Argos having the highest avg. attendance in the East in 2016.

Look really close for a serial number that will reveal how many season tickets have been sold...You could help clear up alot of debates around

They have the highest capacity at 26k vs 24k or less for the other three teams. I believe Mtl reduced capacity by getting rid of some endzone seats

I'm a Rider fan but I cant wait to watch the Argo fans "Bring it" to their home games at BMO. Great for the CFL!

yes, Montreal, Ottawa and Hamilton all hold a 24K capacity now and I don't think it a stretch to see the Argos exceed that number in attendance at BMO.

That would be fantastic. I hope they pack it every game. Also, it would be sweet if they doubled the soccer attendance, and no, that is not a knock against them...I hope they would simply be funny.

Let’s not get too carried away again.

Or are you estimating a walk up crowd of 4k to 5k in addition to those mythical 20k season tickets?

BMO Field will also have expanded seating because of the Grey Cup, so I would imagine that would skew numbers upward. However, after Labour Day they only have three home games (Hamilton Sept 11, Calgary Thanksgiving, Saskatchewan Oct 15) and seating will probably only be in place then. Two prominent games against the Ticats should both be sellouts. Especially with the September game on a Sunday at 4pm EDT so Hamilton fans can easily get there.


yes, Montreal, Ottawa and Hamilton all hold a 24K capacity now and I don’t think it a stretch to see the Argos exceed that number in attendance at BMO.
That would be fantastic. I hope they pack it every game. Also, it would be sweet if they doubled the soccer attendance, and no, that is not a knock against them…I hope they thrive…it would simply be funny.
Well that should be easy. When the Red Patch babies show up after the Argos have shreded the turf up, and the football lines are all over the field, they are going. To cry like little babies and take their ball and go home. I can’t wait for the Atomic Runt to step into a Argo made divot on the field and completely destroy his ACL… that is going to be awesome.
Then they will have to go to field turf and the high priced players won’t come to TO anymore , and then TFC will turn a profit.
Then Rogers will balk at making money, ( Rogers never makes money on sports) and MLSE will have a great divorce.

I don't want to be negative here but Ottawa and Hamilton are close to selling out their home openers.
The Argos still haven't opened up the 12 rows on the East side upper deck for sale yet and they still have plenty of $30 tickets for sale. You would expect the home opener to have the most seats sold because the mini-package includes the home opener plus the season ticket holders. PLUS it's the Ticats that are here and their fans usually come out big time for Argo home games.
If you look at ticketmaster it shows the West side almost sold out which is around 13k plus half of the east side and most of the end zone another 6k/7k.

Considering the Ticats are in Toronto for the home opener I thought they would have sold more tickets by now.
Roughly 20k sold so far, I wouldn't compare that to Ottawa or Hamilton and I wouldn't predict any sell outs.
Judging by the interest in the home opener I doubt they will be leading the east in attendance.
But you can say they are way ahead of last couple of years..

cflbest-I'm curious as to why you changed your handle from slimjim to cflbest.

your use of "them" is a dead giveaway.

Wishing injury on people, just sad.

I would go with another 's' word - sick. The Argos would not be getting such a nice stadium right now were in not for TFC and MLSE.

If it weren't for TFC/MLSE, the Argos would have been at BMO in 2007.

Argos signed a long term lease with Rogers in 2005 to stay there after they bailed on the joint stadium at York. It was only AFTER that happened that MLSE, the City and Canadian Soccer Association moved the stadium project to the CNE. MLSE (who at that time were not affiliated with Rogers) reached agreement with the City and CSA on BMO AFTER the Argos had signed the long term lease to stay at the Rogers Centre.

What went on that the BMO was not a multi purpose facility it was supposed to be when built ? Why was cement poured in the one end to prevent this when according to documents and David Naylor it was mandated to be CFL ready ?.. Rumour has it David Miller had something to do with this , is this correct ?
So it my understanding even if the Argos stayed a skydome (till they were kicked out) , BMO should have been football ready from the get go ! Am I incorrect in my understanding of the situation ?

I believe that is true Mr. Pike - but everything I have seen indicated it was Miller and the city that pushed the soccer only aspect of the build. Nowhere have read that it was MLSE pushing for it to be built in such a way that it could not easily incorporate a CFL sized field down the road.

And it is MLSE that are paying the OVERWHELMING amount of this retrofit that is allowing the Argos a great new home - the bulk of the renovations they only agreed to because of their soccer team. If it were not for TFC this renovation would not have happened.

I agree Pat , but the original field was built with tax money because of a soccer tournament (under 17 or something) it was built on the premise to be football ready whether that means highschool or pro, that did not happen in the end . I think the original cost was 60 million. (guessing)
It has been enhanced by MLSE for TFC last year (east stands addition and boxes etc ) and this year for the roof . $30 million was asked for by Mlse ...... 10 from the city , 10 Queens Park and 10 from Bell (argos portion )
The Feds refused to give anything but 30 million was still achieved . The 10 from the city and 10 from Queens Park was only given if the stadium would house CFL Football.

The 10 from Bell made up the Feds portion and was part of negotiations for purchasing the Argos. In return the city and Mlse gets a Grey Cup and all the monetary benefts of it , a winter classic that will probably use the expanded stands and BMO will finally have some great TV ratings which will benefit MLSE and the naming rights thingy . So , what I am saying one hand kinda feeds the other the the CFL at BMO helps everyones bottom line .