My apology to Rick Zamperin of 900 CHML

A short while back, I heard a sportscast on CHML whereby a person who was doing it made what, in my opinion and a few other's, a cheap shot at recently released Tiger-Cat coach Mike Gibson and his subsequent hiring by the Calgary Stampeders. I stated my thoughts on this on the forums, but I made an error when I incorrectly identified the sportscaster as Rick Zamperin.

The tape does exist of the sports cast and it's been verified those things were said, however, it was another CHML employee who is on that tape......not Rick Zamperin.

Rick contacted me to clear this up and I apologized profusely to him as I stated at the time that it was confusing to me because it seemed so out of character for Rick to do such a thing.....especially just reading a sportscast. I should have gone with my instincts.

As it turns out, the person reading that sportscast and Rick have an eerily similar sounding voice (I heard his voice again just yesterday) and that's where the mistake on my part happened. (I'm now pointing the finger at myself and screaming "you dummy !) :roll:

Anyways, I learned a lesson today and shall not repeat it.

Again, a bazillion apologies to Rick Zamperin.

Classy apology. We are all guilty of the occasional brain-fart. This is what makes us human. What makes us adults is admiting to the error and apologizing. I can't speak for Rick, but I would bet he forgave you without reservation.


Dear deer.
Sorry had to say that lol.

Admitting to a mistake or an error is a sign of strength, not weakness.
A trait our council probably does not have.
I respect you for fessing up in puplic and you are a better person for it. :thup:

Not to extend the drama, but I should have added that I also have contacted Rick personally and identified myself in real life as I felt an anonymous apology on the forums, while better than nothing, is still not the way to "man-up" to the mistake. Although we never like to be proven wrong, there are some times that it's a welcome thing. (now looking furiously for a tasty "crow" recipe for dinner tonite)

Thanks all and hopefully no-one repeats my dumb error. :wink:

PS: To illustrate further how I should have known better about Rick, this is the Facebook message that Rick recently left on Coach Khari Jones' Facebook page which shows how he encourages Tiger-Cats coaches and players etc.

"Rick Zamperin
Congratulations Khari. Looking forward to seeing your work in 2011.
19 hours ago · LikeUnlike · Comment · See Friendship"

It’s times like these I’m actually glad to see zontar back.

Was going to inquire about all the other people he's attacked with baseless accusations over the years and never got blessed with a posted apology.
But, meh, who has the energy anymore ?

Apology accepted Deerhunter, and thanks for the kind words. I'm sure Mike will be very happy in Calgary and I'm confident Ticats fans will be happy with Khari.


A kinder, gentler zontar?