My apology to Edmonton

…a few weeks ago on a totally CFL-unrelated topic I was poking fun at Edmonton’s contribution to the Northern Baseball League, the Cracker-Cats…I apologize for saying it was the lamest name in pro-sports…the Sioux Falls Canaries of the same league is now the winner of this dubious category…Canaries?!omigod who is in control here folks?..

…?..and you really thought I was going to say sorry about something Eskimo-related?!..

Cats…Canaries…sounds like something out of a 'toon…lol…sylvester and tweety come to mind…with all the could’ve names out there …lol…you’d think they could have come up with something better. Who do you think wins when the cat vs. the bird…ouch. :lol:

Hey those canaries saved a lot of lives in the coal mines.

speaking of Edmonton nicknames-was listening to the FAN here in Calgary a couple of weeks ago after Edmonton was awarded a NLL franchise. They asked for new names for the team and what they got were names like the Edmonton Pile(of you know what) and the Edmonton Crappers(as in Trappers). Had to love it.

i dont remember what movie it was… mabe Any Given Sunday… but they used a bit of a CFL game, it was Edmonton vs. Saskatchewan i think… and i disagree, although Eskimos doesnt have anything to do with Edmonton to my knowledge, Energy is a pretty crapy name that my little bro would name a team he creats on Madden… i just dont like names like that, like the Phoenix Sun, or Seatle Super Sonics… what the hell kind of names are those?

Well it seems the norhern league is weak in names , here in winnipeg we have the goldeyes whats scary about a fish…i guess alot if its coming out of the Red River :oops: . Change the name of the Eskimos, yeah right, lets just start with the Braves, Indians, how bout mariners is that offencive too? Blazer ur right it was any given sunday, but i beleive it was T.O vs Sask

Ya had me worried redandwhite, I thought you were losein it for a while there. :twisted:

Originally the name started as the “Esquimeaux”

Personally, I think the worst name in (major-league) sports is Mighty Ducks.

Give me a break! They were named after a crappy kids movie! Yikes …

SO glad that name didn’t end up on a trophy as hallowed as the Stanley Cup.

[quote=“CanucKev”]Personally, I think the worst name in (major-league) sports is Mighty Ducks.

Give me a break! They were named after a crappy kids movie! Yikes …

SO glad that name didnI am a Winnipeger I like the name Goldeyes an old namebrought back. The same down in Toledo, the name has been there for years theToledo Mudhens sounds great.

I have to put in my two cents;

To me the worst name in sports has to be Minnesota’s “Golden Gopher’s”

one day I would love to say srry to edmonton. Sorry, you missed the playoffs, better luck next year. Can’t see them missing this year however. So I will officially say sorry to Winnipeg for missing this year - AGAIN!

This is a bit off topic, but , a little trivia. I belive there are 8 Pro sports teams in North America who’s names do not end in an “s”. The Jazz is one. Anyone know the others?

Well in response to the Edmonton name bashing…all I really have to say is that I have started a “water wing” drive to support all those poor Calgarians who can’t swim this week. Rain on my friends. You guys suck.

I’ve never once, in all my years living in Edmonton, heard anyone complain about the name “Eskimos”.

Yes, that includes aboriginals.

And yeah - we got a bit of a drizzle last week here… I think. It’s hard to remember because we’ve had so much sun and warmth here in the Edmunchuk.


…hey tumblerdickhead…why don’t you come down to High River and tell the people who have flooded basements and businesses destroyed by the flooding how they ‘suck’ to their face…what a loser you are…

Don’t waste your breath R& W. He seems to be in a p*ssy *ss mood. He put up a pretty tasteless poll which should draw the wrath of the Bomber fans next.

HAHAH we got wet stamps fan and drunk bomber backer…the poll tells the story…I’ll be at the game on friday…we’ll see how bomber fan comes out to edmonton in throngs…kinda like the last few times they’ve come here and basically wasted everyones time.

P.S…what are those people phone numbers…I happen to run the leading dealership in the midwest for johnson outboard motors

P.S.....what are those people phone numbers.....I happen to run the leading dealership in the midwest for johnson outboard motors
Judging by your english I'm guessing you didn't have to graduate from high school to get that job.