My 'annual' spring rant about our QB situation

As a treat to everyone, I'll abstain this year... :smiley:

Seriously folks, I think this will be an interesting year at the QB position.....I'm still not convinced that Eakin couldn't have been our new guy for the future if he had been broken in a bit better but oh well, we have to forge ahead....

I'm looking to guys like Morreale and Lumsden to really being a factor this year in being the safety valve for the new guys when they get into trouble back there during their learning curve.

(that was a long sentence)

The deep passes will take time to develop so I won't be disappointed if we see a lot of short long as we move the yardsticks, that's ok in my opinion.


Call me crazy, but I didn’t see a single mention of any QB currently on our roster in your annual rant. But you did manage to throw Kevin Eakins name in there, even though he’s playing football on a different continent. Are you just trying to stir the pot, or what?

Hmmm.....strange.....most would read my post thinking I'm trying to actually "un-stir" the pot...that was my intention anyhow...and in fact while acknowledging I liked Eakin, I also said it was time we looked ahead (words to that effect).....where do you get I was "stirring the pot" ?.....


Speaking of Kevin Eakin
He has been add to the Roster of the FRANKFURT GALAXY

Chicago Bears J.T. O’Sullivan QB Cal-Davis
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Bruce Eugene QB Grambling
Free Agent Kevin Eakin QB Fordham

He listed as 3rd QB on the Roster

Thought he quit on Canada because he "wanted to play"? Now he's even further down the bench.

Does anyone see a parallel between Maas and Eakin. Both QB's had short streaks of success that had people talking..and in Maas's case resulted in a hefty contract? Unfortunately they both fizzled out.

Maas had a full season of successs.

Not even remotely similar.A ridiculous comparison. Maas is a proven performer both in regular and post season. Eakin was still as big a question mark when he left as when he arrived. Maas seized his opportunities when he was behind Ray and built a reputation. Eakin wet the bed in the chances he got which is why he's not in the league anymore.
If anything Eakin resembled Marcus Brady in that he basically feasted off one good game in 05 like Brady feasted off one good playoff game for Tor.several years ago...neither followed it up with anything for coaches to consider them first string material.

Eakin has been signed by the Buffalo Bills and is playing in NFLE to get ready for the Bills TC.

Maas is practising his "mea culpa" for the new year. That's what he did best last year. :roll:

Maas will be lucky to play this year... anywhere!

We know he's "playing" in Europe.Onknight already informed us. He's listed third on the depth chart.

Do you even know what "mea culpa" means?

You wouldn't know it by reading your posts there Zontar! :roll:

We knew that Kevin was signed by Buffalo more than 2 months ago. (FYI...being signed by an NFL team is a leg up on trying to earn a roster spot in the CFL...not a slash to our game...just a fact). Obviously, somebody thinks he deserves a shot! :wink:

Give it a rest with the bashing of Eakin! The fact remains...Eakin has a future and your man Maas is washed up by comparison. Don't get me wrong...I'm a CFL fan first and nothing I'd like better than to see Mr. Maas turn it around along with the fortunes of the TigerCats, but I don't think he will and we will have a wide-open training camp and whoever will lead our team this year will have earned their spot. Our new GM and coach will make that decision.

Like I said..."Maas will be lucky to play anywhere"!

NEVER one to RESIST an Eakin thread, and especially on a Sunday ...

oh great Zontar* -

Wanna MAKE A BET that Kevin Eakin is NOT LISTED as #3 by the BEGINNING of NFLE Regular Season ???


P.S *It looks like you come by your name HONESTLY - judging by your talent evaluation skill ... you really MUST BE from Venus.

Another good thread-Mikey- IMo the ticats should trade for Michael Bishop, use the 4th round pick,if they have to because Bishop would compliment the running game with Holmes and lumsden etc-

re-Maas- Who is a proven winner in the cfl, Is he #1 or trade bate? after last seasons performance,hate to bring it up but- was he part of the coach revolt?


To lay a bet I would first have to actually care.First string ,second, fourth, who cares, what does it matter?
Asking a Ticat fan to care about a former backup who's now in an another league on another continent,who will never be more than a footnote in the team's history is really asking alot.Why should I care, why should anyone really?

I must SAY ... RHETORICAL INSULTS really lack satisfaction when the object of said insult is NOT OFFENDED.

Anyway, I'm SORRY, dudefromVenus, you have obviously MISTAKEN me for someone WHO CARES that you DON'T ... I mean, who should, REALLY ?


P.S - I must have mistaken YOU for the OTHER, Zontar, that POSTED PREVIOUSLY in this thread.

Wow this is awesome! I love how you guys are getting after it! It sounds like you REALLY care! Or maybe you don't. Here are the facts weather you like it or not unless Butler or Chang have a flawless TC Maas is the starter, IMO he will be better then last year. Not that it was all his fault but that's the pro's and con's of the position. Secondly why do we care about FORMER Ticats on this website? Chances are Eakin is 3rd on the roster but who cares. Even if he plays he won't make the Bills roster and he'll turn up in the AFL soon. Not that that's a bad thing, I wouldn't mind getting paid to play football!

Why do we care? Because we are are fans! I wouldn't bet against Kevin being the #1 in NFLE and I wouldn't bet against him making the Bills. He did make the NY Jets 2 years ago and decided to come to Canada and play rather than hold a clipboard as the #3. As luck would have it...the #1 and #2 went down and he would have finished the year as #1

You can bet if he is offered the #3 this time...He will take it...but I can assure you he is working hard to be the starter!

He has a great arm and has mobility...I think he is destined for better things than what he showed with the Ticats fiasco of 2006.

And as far as Maas is concerned...he still has to make it through TC... if he is still with the team then. If he is our starter it will be because he is the best we have and will get my full support! He will have to show better than he has.

Arent there forums for Eakin/NFLE fans? Merely a suggestion.