My analysis as the esks start the year

QB: Ricky Ray will play better than last year, because he's now had a year to shake off the rust from sitting on a bench in the NFL for '04. Looked very good on short and medium lengthed passes, and throwing off his back foot. May start out a bit slow with the long ball, and against Calgary's defence(10 quarter slump from last year). Jason Johnson looked very solid in pre-season and will be able to play well if the need be throughout the year. Jyles won't be needed, unless there are lots of injuries.

RB/FB: Troy Davis, solid running attempts during pre-season. Look for him to be in the top 5 RB's in the league this year, if our o-line is decent. Diedrick did a pretty decent job while rushing, but looked insecure catching short passes. Bradley may be used in a few offensive situations this year, but mostly on special teams. McClendon look unimpressive and is on the practice roster now. FB Matthieau Bertrand will have another solid year.

o-line: position of concern for the eskimos. Still need time to gel as a unit, and o-line depth is very susepct. If they play as well as they did game #2 pre-season, esks fans have no reason to worry.

WR: Probably the best receiving corps in the league w/ tucker, hervey, mitchel. If Gaylor struggles early, look for him to be replaced with Alston, or Zeigler. Woodcock should be used at times.

d-line: Could be suspect if the players don't play to their ability that the coaching staff believes they have. Losing Montford and Jeanty over the off-season. And released Collier during camp. D-line better impress or the coaches will be bombarded with criticism for releasing Collier.

LB: Probably "middle of the road" in the CFL. Mobley, Gass, Garret(looked impressive changing from secondary to linebacker).

D-secondary: Very strong, as long as they don't take useless penalties(Brady, Durden). Craver, Wiltshire, Frank looked solid. Newcomers Larose, Roosevelt Williams, and Buhl provide phenomenal depth.

Special Teams: Tompkins will be used for KR/MFGR/PR for the majority of the season once again. Zeigler and Alston provide good depth. Fleming looked good on field goals. import punter Rodney Williams is on thin ice if he a) goes in a slump, b) we need another import at another position b/c of injury. LS is taylor inglis once again this year.

great analysis.....

QB. Ricky ray 3 years, 3 grey cup appearences,2 rings.and hes still learning and getting worried baout what i saw in preseason though. he seems to be not wanting to throw the long ball, and im a little worried

RB...Troy Davis one of the top RBs and im excited to have him for the whole season

O-Line.. not to worried about them..they looked great in the 2 preseason games and Davis got alot of yardage and Ricky was protected

WR. i dont think there ''the best'' but there right up there..

Great analyses, speaking as an Als fan, and therefore a person who hates your team's guts. :wink: However, I think your O-line is your biggest question mark this year, and could affect the team's performance in a huge way. You are solid everywhere else, but if you can't protect the QB and open up holes for your tailback, it's going to be a long season for the Eskimos.

You got that right! How the esks o-line progresses and gels this year is going to be critical to the offense of the eskimos.

i dunno im just worried about our offence all we do is our short stupid passes…but our offence is built for the run and gun long bombs

It's Maciocca and Lancaster with their stupid offensive scheme. If they don't change it, we're going to be in for a VERY long year. A few games after we got T. Davis last year they started using the "short pass, ball control" type of offense that would be more suited to the NFL IMO. Prior to that we basically did a run and gun offense, with almost no running plays, and we that got figured out pretty quickly after 5 or so games.

What I think we need is a happy medium between the two. Try the long ball a few times a half, get Davis 10-15 carries a game, and DON't pass for 3 yards when we're 2nd and 8.

yah Ive noticed that al's fans hate us...Funny everyone tells me I should hate the Al's too I actually think there pretty...better than Toronto.