My all-time Ticat head coach record list, Vol.3 (2008)

I would not be surprised by that post-1990 dropoff stat. I think it points to a wider inabilty in the organization to have a consistent football operations side that particularly affected its ability to compete in the areas of recruitment and scouting itself. Roster turnover in the 1990s was a big problem and it fed the fan exodus whch brought the team to the brink on more than one occasion.

The Young Era has finally shown some signs of getting the balance right now that Obie is firmly in charge. The long term goal has to be to develop people within the organization to one day assume the GM/Pres reins and keep continuity in place upon which to build a winning program.

Oski Wee Wee,

Hi oski-oui-oui:

Thanks for your time and effort in compiling the original all-time Ticat head coach record list and the updates. One hopes that 2009 is the beginning of a reversal of fortune for the new era Ticats.

oski-oui-oui is bang on
Ralph Sazio
Jim Trimble
Carl Voyles :rockin: :rockin: