My All Start Ticats Team

This is my All Star Ticat Team you had to been an All Star and Listed here

QB       1 Faloney    2 McManus   3 Ealey
RB       1  Davis     2 Crawford  3 Gilchrist
WR1      1  Henley    2 Flutie    3 Evanshen
WR2      1  Patterson 2 Winfield  3 Champion
SB1 TE   1  DiPietro  2 Gabriel   3 Evaire
SB2 FL   1  Howell    2 Grigg     3 Flick

T1 1 Barrow     2 Gorrell
T2 1 Hack       2 Scott
G1 1 Kelly      2 Denman
G2 1 Cureton    2 Walton
C  1 Waszczu    2 Sanderson
DE1 1 Covington  2 Neumann
DE2 1 Montford 2 Cofield 3Locklin
DT1 1 Barrow   2 Fields
DT2 1 Mosca    2Mazza    

OLB1 1 Robinson 2  Kuntz
OLB2 1 Ezerins, 2 O'Shea
MLB  1 Zambiasi 2 Tiggle 

CB1  1Henley    2Fields  3Cody
CB1  1Brown,    2Porter
DHB1 1Browne    2Carter
DHB2 1Steinauer 2Woods 
S1   1Hitchcock 2Sutherin 3Bennett
Special Teams :
KR/PR  Winfield, Zatylny
Punt Block Vaughn
K Osbaldiston

I have to question you placing Montford ahead of Grover. I think Grover helped the D-line dominate the trenches, along with all the sacks and tackles. They were both good, but, I think Grover was better. Also, Mike Williams at DT. He was pretty good. He didn't always start, (due to being an import, he rotated with an O-lineman), but, him and Grover made quite the team. Just my 1.85 cents.


edit: Apparently, I can't read, Grover is playing opposite Montford, (that or it was edited while I was typing, meh).

I move Grover into other starting DE Spot.

Yeah, I noticed, I don't feel quite so stupid now. Thanks. Actually, just thought of Grover and Joe playing together. Can you say "WOW"?


ya that Front 4 would be Mean
DE1 1 Covington
DE2 1 Montford
DT1 1 Barrow
DT2 1 Mosca


Grigg and Flick were wide-outs.

Flutie was a slotback.


Yes. Quite the line!

Grover and Joe = QB death in my Madden games. LOL

Oski Wee Wee,

i would have included rb johnny shepherd
dt mike philbrick
and db felix wright
but that's a pretty good list i must say.

gerald vaughn and mike philbrick were the 2 most underated players on that ticat team in 99.