My accessment of Marcel

I think Marcel has taken a lot of heat and maybe with the results so far it is to be expected. I do believe he has accomplished a lot in cleaning up this team and bringing quality players.

Guys cut:

Ranek - out of the league
Vaughn - retired
Morreale - out of the league
Hitchcock - out of the league
Cotton - out of the league
Cheatwood - retired

Did I forgetting any others?

Players brought in:


And others I think have potenial:


Some of those players were draft under different management but I think Marcel played a big part in getting them up here. We might not be happy with the results but it would be difficult not to see the future looks good.

Cheatwood isn't retired he plays for Montreal he's just injured.

Cheatwood isn't retired he plays for Montreal he's just injured.
9 Game bad. But still there was no way we could keep him.

Ya but how nice would he look right now in black and gold with our pass rush not fairing to well lately?

I agree with whoknows. I can't believe some of this things people say about Marcel.

At this time last year we were crying for a new GM, new head coach, new players. yadda yadda yadda. We get everything that we asked for and we expect everything to fall in place right away.

Marcel knows what hes doing. Look at the players that he has brought in. He has brought in a coach who is a proven winner and all we do is complain some more.

Tough crowd.

re whoknows- re the who- who are you, :lol: ----- Most of the cuts are Cap related- MM and Hitch had passed expired date and Boreham is doing well in Sask __ps does that make Borehamgirl a rider fan?

Well seeing how he would be inactive he would have zero influence.

Cap related yes...but clearly since no other team is interested it would appear to be a more than just the cap.

lol I don’t mean now as an injured player but if he was healthy he would be a boost to our d-line and would be a leader on this team. Although we are still looking for a leader, JoJuan Armour looks like he will do just fine.

D.J. Flick and Wayne Smith. And I guess you can add Rocky Butler to that list now as well.

It was the worst move he has made and one we continue to pay for.

Other than that, I think he has done a pretty good job at bringing in new talent.

I think Marcel's done a good job of building up some depth on our team, especially with young Canadian guys. We seem to be having issues at receiver but other than that the guys he has brought in have been an improvement.

I was really happy they signed a football guy to be GM. I know people liked Katz, but I wasn't a big fan of his. This ship is turning in the right direction, but it will take some time.

Well if you really look at it Smith has been off and on the injury list this year and came back last week as a back up. And Flick really only had once good game so far this year. I think Flick is a good receiver but very over rated.

Outside of his 115yrd 2 td performance, he has done this:

26yrds, 0 tds
38yrds, 0 tds
17yrds, 0 tds
and this week 0 catchs for 0 yrds and 0 tds.

and this week 0 catchs for 0 yrds and 0 tds.
And...boom goes the dynamite

I'd Rather Kept Cheatwood the Hudson
who on 9 Game List also ..

He have Great Depth on the Oline..
Where is going to play when he comes back???

G Why Move the Rookies
C Maybe ?

He had another TD last week.

Well this is where I got my here