My 8 year old makes so much sence sometimes

Yesterday watching the RR and Stamp game we saw Flick made an unbelievabe catch and another touchdown. He wondered why he could'nt do that being a Cat. Makes you go hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

I saw Flick make some great plays for Hamilton.
But, your kid being that observant is pretty cool.

Tell him you need a QB to THROW the ball in order for it to be caught like that.

What crash said. This isn't rocket science.

And Kerry Josephs is a great QB??? Oh, boy!

Maybe DJ is just a great receiver we should never have let go.

After all, look at all the Great Replacements we have now!!!

No, I would not put Joseph in the category of elite CFL quarterbacks, but lets not kid ourselves, he played a solid game against Calgary, hitting receivers on the money on medium/deep routes. I am thinking Austin has been working with him to help fine tune his skills.

Agree but why don't we have DJ anymore especially when the guy (Butler) we got for both him and and an OL we could definitely use right now, Wayne Smith, is no longer with us???

Is somebody anywhere accountable for these bonehead moves???

This is exactly why it is going to be another long, long season in Steeltown!!!

The TD that DJ went low for was aired like an Austin pass. Obviously Austin is giving Joseph wisdom.

And for the record I bet Sask will take 2nd in the west this year.

an other money choice to get rid of flick!

So why is it that Flick... let's face it, just about everyone who has played in Hamilton... does not play well here, but can play well anywhere else?

You guys are hilarious...


Led our team in receiving 2 out of the 3 years he was here and was our nominee for MOST OUTSTANDING PLAYER 2 years ago.


He might not have been a true #1, maybe that role isnt for him, but lets face it... the guy did make plays and played his heart out for this city and fans.

To say he didnt play well here is childish.

Crash, these people don’t understand that he is probably the best #2 guy in the league (yes, I’m going that far). He was an outstanding player for us, and we let him go for nothing.

Oh and for the record, I would take Kerry Joseph ANYDAY over Jason Maas. Joseph looks amazing under Austin, and Maas under anyone looks sub-par. An aging Danny Mac as well as a rotating circle of back-up QBs didn’t help Flick either and he still managed to put up great numbers.

Crash - you know that I am a fan of DJ. Face it - he didn't put up the numbers last year that we would have expected out of him.

<ring, ring>


"Hi, it's Obvious calling for sigpig."

"This is sigpig."

"NOBODY performed anywhere CLOSE to expectations last season."

"You're correct, goodbye."

DJ is the true meaning of "professional". DJ did more for the team than say, Yeast, Vaughn, Belli, Boreham, Peterson (both of them), st cetera ad nauseum.

NEVER did I see him give up on a play. We just needed someone to throw him a decent pass. Heck - even a half-decent pass. He would have done something amazing with it...

Maybe they shouldn't of let him go but during the off season the forum was lit up with people complaining about our main weakness.

QB - Our Depth at that position was lacking greatly so Marcel sacrificed some upstanding players like DJ Flick to fix that problem. We all know all too well without a QB the Offence is worthless. We could have all the best receivers in the CFL but without a QB whats the point.

Also losing pays a toll on every player it sucks to lose all the time it takes a lot to keep yourself motivated to give it your all. Flick didn't play his best football last year, he did make mistakes it wasn't all Maas' fault all the time. Now he has confidence in Kerry Joesph and in his coaching staff and his motivation and confidence has increased now he has his game back..

Quote of the day on this subject:

Eric Tillman should send the Ticats a fruit basket for getting DJ Flick and Wayne Smith for Rocky Butler. Flick caught two touchdowns and his second was simply unreal as the Riders put an exclamation point on a good old-fashioned butt-whipping.

Maybe we should have hired Austin last year as our offensive coordinator when he was available and I was desparately calling for it on another web site! Look what he did for Bishop in TO when he couldn't hit the broad side of a barn door from ten yards away even when he had a sixty yard connon of a arm.

Then, he could be our head coach now and working with Maas, Chang and, most likely Butler, who would have stayed instead of 3rd stringer Williams who has already proven he can't hit the broad side of a barn door from ten yards without a sixty yard cannon of an arm. What a waste of a roster position.

Same old story. Who is runnning this zoo anyway, Caretaker Bob???

poapoa's offence stunk and baressi's before him was predictable. not only flick last year we couldn't get the ball to corey holmes or terry vaughn.
it's too bad because i think flick wanted to remain a ticat and it was the one move i really didn't like by marcel this off season.
boy, we could sure use a deep guy now eh?

Flick isn't even the best receiver on his team. Let alone #2 in the league! He had a good game big freakin' deal. Tony Miles had one catch for 73 yards last week. Do you want him back too? Or Kamau Peterson who had a TD in week one? Except he'll drop everything else the rest of the year.

Seriously can we support our own for once instead of saying how bad they are and ripping them for every bad play they make.