My 5 most memorable CFL plays

These are the plays that will always standout for me, 5 plays that I will always remember:

  1. Dave Ridgway's FG, 89 GC game, or "the Kick". As this is the last time we won the cup, in one of the more memorable Grey Cup games.

  2. Stegall's 100 yd TD vs Edmonton, 2006. This has to be one the most amazing plays in CFL history.

  3. Tony Gabriel's TD catch, 76 GC game. Sorry fellow Rider fans, I had to include this one. Even though it broke Rider fans' hearts, it still is one the most memorable plays in a GC game.

  4. Lui Passglia's FG, 94 GC game. Another great championship game, the last time a team that hosted the GC actually won it.

  5. 'Rocket' Ismails 87 punt return TD, 91 GC. An exciting play by the Rocket, and I will always remember this for the snowball that a fan tried to hit him with as he scored, its why this play stands out in my memory.

Those are my 5, what are yours?

I'm too young to remember some of those, but your #2 and #4 stand out in my mind. As well, from last Grey Cup, Javy Glatt's forced fumble on the goal-line stand by the Leos. That is one of the best plays I've ever seen.

its hard for me when certain players did so much to pick any one or more of them. It all kinds gets jumbled together in my mind. As far as individual plays that stick out for one reason or another

1 - Darren Flutie game winning TD against cal in 94 playoffs

2 - Kamakazi Darnell Clash running a kick back down the right sidelines and literally hurdling over tacklers.

3 - Tony Champion backwards diving catch in 89 cup.

4 - Cant remember who in whatgame when, but I never forget the picture of a winnipeg 0-lineman that chased down a linebacker who intercepted the ball, and he caught up to him from behind, going down the sideline. It was funny. Or was it a winnipeg linebacker who got caught. sigh, darn foggy memory. oh well, we had a good laugh at the linebackers expense anyhow. Sometime in the 80's I beleive.

5 - I remember in a cal-sak playoff game in the late 60's or early 70's, Ron Lancaster was playing hurt and a calgary player took a cheapshot penalty to put Ronnie out of the game. Hated Calgary for yrs because of that. I can still see it, though I dont remember who.

My top 5:
#5) Kenton Keith's 70 yard (or was it 75?) Td run on the first play of the second half in the 2006 WSF.

#4) Robert Drummond's long TD run in the 2000 Grey Cup in Calgary, when BC went for it on 3rd and inches, and instead of plunging straight ahead, Drummond ran outside and went all the way

#3) Scott McKenzie recovering his own punt and running it 40 yards for a TD against Edmonton during the 1999 season. McKenzie was punting for Calgary, while Martino had an NFL try out

#2) James Hundon returning a kickoff 103 yards during the 03 Labour Day Classic, during the 4th quarter in a game the Stamps were heavily favoured to lose

#1) Joe Fleming's sack on Khari Jones to win the 01 Grey Cup in Montreal

That Stegall 100yd. catch is definately great.

Check out this one that happened close to, if not, one week later.
  1. Fluties overly-cold face while preparing to take the snap while goal-to-go in the 80th Grey Cup.

  2. The Catch (64th Grey Cup).

  3. Waddell Smith's touch down on a pass from Tom Wilkinson in the 67th Grey Cup.

  4. Direct snap to lumsden for a 40 yard gain in the 69th Grey Cup.

  5. Gizmo's 115 yard missed field goal return for a TD in the 75th Grey Cup.

The Champion catch has got to be one of THE best!


Tiger-Cats on their own 50.

Garney Henley - fastest CFL'er, former DB and now converted to receiver - drops from the line and gets a lateral from the QB.

Starts to run and sees linemen giving chase. Runs behind QB and the linebackers are coming in.

He backpeddles and avoids tackles back to his 15 and then starts weaving between tacklers until he gets near scrimmage and then heaves the ball 35 yds. to a surprised receiver who goes all the way - uncovered - to the endzone.

This is THE play that sealed Henley in my top 5 of all time.

  1. Kenny Ploens game winning touchdown in sudden death to win the Grey Cup.

  2. Larry Robinsons last play field goal in a Regina blizzard to put Calgary into the Grey Cup.

  3. Danny McManus to Darren Flutie (circa B.C. Lions) to beat brother Doug and Stamps in Western Final.

  4. Any one of a few dozen Gizmo punt returns.

  5. The Stegall catch (groan)

That sounds like one hell of a play… :o

Here's my top 5. I tried as much as possible to select plays that hadn't been picked yet, but I had to pick Stegall's play still.

  1. Stegall's catch along with Machocia's reaction. One of the most amazing plays in any football game ever.

  2. BC's fake field goal in the 1994 Grey Cup.

  3. Michael Gray's Interception in the 1988 Grey Cup to preserve the win for Winnipeg.

  4. Eddie Brown's catch off his leg in the snow in the 1996 Grey Cup.

  5. Calgary winning the Labour Day rematch in Edmonton (I think in 2001). Calgary was down by 1 and Edmonton was trying a 2 point convert in attempt to go up by 3, but Calgary intercepted and scored 2 points to win by 1. I have never seen a team win on a defensive convert before.

Footballyoubet's play #4 I believe was an Ottawa INT by either a defensive back or a smallish linebacker who was chased for about 100 yards by a Bomber Offensive lineman who may have been Nick Benjamin who finally caught him around the 5 yard line. Amazing that an O-lineman could track him down like that. If anyone has that play I'd love to see it again!

Footballyoubet's play #4 I believe was an Ottawa INT by either a defensive back or a smallish linebacker who was chased for about 100 yards by a Bomber Offensive lineman who may have been Nick Benjamin who finally caught him around the 5 yard line. Amazing that an O-lineman could track him down like that. If anyone has that play I'd love to see it again!
not sure about the 100 yards part, but the 5 yrd line and Nick Benjamin sound about right.

I am pretty sure it was close to 100 yards because I am sure that the INT happened in or near the end zone.

yeah, just not sure that nick chased him that far. Cant remember where the line of scrimmage was.

Yeah that's the thing, Nick chased him a long way, but it may not have been as far because I don't remember where the line of scrimmage was either. I'd love to see that play agian to find out though.

While I certainly appreciate the drama of the moment in the famous Stegall catch and resulting TD, I really don't think it was really all THAT special of a catch. The Esk defence appears to totally break down and fall all over themselves, leaving Uncle Milty to basically either catch it or drop it. If he had caught it in traffic it would be up there with one of the great ones, but since he was basically open, it's merely a good play, not a GREAT one. Alvin's reaction is pretty funny though :lol:

All the other picks are really good ones. I had forgotten about many of these really famous plays! I wish there was a video I could buy that revisited all the great plays in Grey Cup history.

Some great plays here- the Darren Flutie TD catch to put BC in the GC game, the Eddie Brown catch-- some great plays. I have another one to add to all of those, but it wasnt in a GC game or playoff game.
Gizmo was returning a punt or kickoff, cant remember which, in Ottawa one year, he was about 5 yds from the goal line and decided to showboat a little and wound up fumbling the football! After the game, Gizmo himself was laughing and saying how funny that play was. It changed my opinion of 'the Giz' because he usually came off as an arrogant S.O.B., but this play and his reaction to it showed me otherwise.

  1. Stegall's 100 yd TD vs Edmonton, 2006.

  2. Ezra Landry missed field goal returns 120-yard for a touchdown.

These are somewhat personal but here goes:

  1. Al McColman's unbelievable pass interference call at Exhibition Stadium which sustained a last minute Argo drive on a 3rd and 32 from Argo territory in an 80s playoff game against the TigerCats. I was in row 2 for this ball game and the play happened right in front of me. Argo fans, who saw Greer push off, were heading for their cars and were incredulous when the call and then the game went against the Ticats.
    Note: McColman was the victim of numerous death threats after this game and was removed from the crew for the Grey Cup game.

  2. The last play of the 70s two game total point playoff game 2 between the Argos and Ticats. Score tied, Andrusyshyn punted the ball into the Cat endzone where Ian Sunter punted it back out. Bouncing crazily, the argos kicked it on the run back into the end zone where Henley grabbed it and ran it out.

  3. Paul Osbaldiston's 54 yard field goal to win the 1998 Eastern Final vs. the Alouettes

  4. Argo Leon 'X-Ray' McQuay's fumble on the Stamps seven yard line as he was about to score untouched to seal the game in the 1971 Grey Cup Game.

  5. Tony Champion's all-out, twisted backwards catch in the 1989 Grey Cup Game with broken ribs.

Honorable mention:
I wish I was old enough to have seen Faloney's run...

That sounds like one hell of a play...
It was... it wasn't on TV so it wasn't seen across Canada (unfortunately) and even as I describe it- it sounds like I'm just making it up. I'm not... but it sounds like it.

He was just so fast on his feet and real quick at reacting. He was a superb natural athelete and a real gentleman.

I guess he wasn't so good as a deep thinker though as his management attempt (Director of Football Operations in Ottawa) saw him draft somebody who had died.