My 2024 Mock Draft

In a perfect world that would be great. The point of a mock draft is trying to guess who goes at which spot.

I don’t follow the rules.

Yes, a crazy crappie shoot, as the very best is off to NFL. But, this draft sure looks deep. Elks have quite a few picks, and lots of talk about LB. Dublanko and Nick Mardner. They should luck out, as there is lots of attractive talent.

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Right. So the question is do they:

a. Draft the best guy available like thy have in the past few years.
b, Draft strategically to fill needs.
c. Draft with an eye to making a deal for a guy they want.

My guess is, they follow previous form and go for the best guy they can draft for every selection.

Jones can’t as he showed last season pass up an outstanding linebacker. My guess is they will also be looking to add depth to the O-line and looking for a few d-linemen as well.

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No Dublanko??!!?? I reckon he’s first or second overall.

What did you think I was hinting at as a first choice for the Elks? If there’s one “universal” defensive position that Jones can move guys from into other positions - its linebacker.

…and with Taylor, Broderique, Schakel, Makonzo, the Appolons, and Dominique all sporting maple leafs beside their names, it’s pretty obvious there’s no shying away from Canadian linebackers…

I was taking names off the winter scouting bureau. He wasn’t on the list.

I prefaced my list by saying that I was merely shooting darts at a board. In my list I had a LB going first. If this Dublanko character is a LB, I can see Edmonton picking him.

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Lots of people say Dublanko is CFL ready, and hopefully the next Alex S

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Of the 7 LB, Broderique could be a full time LB, the rest are good enough for Special teams and back ups.

I don’t see why Shackel couldn’t either. Plus Makonzo got a couple of games at SLB, before Jones gave on him for no reason.

Because Jones is woking on all the things that will make them successful later. Broderique played in pre season last year and was clearly talented and also clearly in over his head. Shackel, and Makonzo are for the most part the same.
Linebacker and particularly MLB require you to be able to read the play and call the defence the same way the QB is calling the offence opposite you, the same as the safety calls coverage for the HB’s and DB’s.
The biggest change between collage and pros is complexity of the game. So while they learn, they play ST’s for the time being.
I am going to guess we see more of some year 3 guys this year though, for sure. And the year 2 guys will et some playing time too.

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Shakel and Makonzo aren’t the same. Shakel is a WLB and Makonzo is a SLB. It’s funny, Jones said that the WLB would get smaller when the hash marks moved in. Only the Als really went smaller with Beverette at WLB.

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