My 2024 Mock Draft

Round 1

  1. EDM- Joel Dublanko LB: The Elks already have Brodrique, Shackel and the Appolons to compete at WLB. Keep the position Canadian in Edmonton.

  2. OTT- Kevin Mital SB: The Redblacks get a big bodied slotback to help out a lackluster receiving corps.

  3. SASK- Gabe Walace OL: He played both guard and tackle at the U of Buffalo. The Riders could use competition at both guard spots.

  4. CAL- Daniel Okopoko DE: The Stamps lost Adyemi-Bergland and Wiggans. They could very well go Oline, but it’s a deep draft.

  5. TOR- Ben Labrosse DB: The Argo’s could be going with Metchie and Adeleke in the secondary. They need a versatile defensive back, who showed well at the combine.

  6. BC- George Una OL: I could see them going receiver here also. Una showed well at the combine and probably won’t get an NFL shot, like the UBC tackles.

  7. HAM- Melique Straker LB: The Ti-Cats could very well start Cross at SLB and if they don’t, it would be nice to have depth.

  8. WIN- Kyle Hergel OL: The guy is 6’2, so his height might deter the NFL. The Bombers could use more depth with Neufeld getting old and the left guard position up for grabs.

  9. MON- Geoffrey Catin Arku LB: This may be the year that Richards finally gets the start at MLB. Montreal would love a French Canadian backup.

Round 2

  1. EDM- Daniel Johnson OL: He played right tackle at Purdue and the Elks plan to start a Canadian there. Why not offer some competition?

  2. OTT- Owen Hubert DL: The Redblacks could very well start Onyeka at defensive end. Hubert was dominate in college and showed well at the combine.

  3. SASK- Justin Sambu DL: The Rider’s need a guy to help get pressure. Line him up at the three technique or on the end.

  4. CAL- John Bosse OL: The Stamps need Oline depth and go homer here

  5. CAL- Nate Hamlin DB: Played corner in college and could add depth there in the pro’s.

  6. BC- Dhel Duncan-Busby WR: The Lion’s will start two receivers this year and will need depth.

  7. HAM- Nick Wiebe LB: The Ti-Cats traded for Williams and plan to go Canadian at middle linebacker. Wiebe is still healing, but will be great depth at both MLB and WLB.

  8. WIN- Luke Brubacher DL: He is similar height to Willie Jefferson and could help the Bomber’s pass rush.

  9. EDM- Tyshon Blackburn DB: Should help out with depth in the secondary, while cutting his teeth on special teams.

Bonus Picks

  1. BC- Giovanni Manu OL: This could be the place to take him, his size alone will get him a look down south though.

  2. WIN- Michael Chris-Ike RB: The Bomber’s will add more depth to the halfback position, behind Olivera and Augustine.


Just missing the bonus picks in round 2

I forgot both of Calgary’s picks in round 2.

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That would then seem to make this a wasted signing:

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Just throwing darts at the wall. Based on last season Winnipeg, Toronto, BC, and Montreal should be taking “best player available” and not worry about positions too much.

Hamilton and Edmonton had average offence but should focus on defense.

Calgary and Ottawa had average defense and should focus on offense.

Saskatchewan was :poop:

1st Round

  1. Geoffrey Cantin-Arku (LB) Edmonton
  2. Isaiah Adams (OL) Ottawa
  3. Theo Benedet (OL) Saskatchewan
  4. Theo Johnson (TE) Calgary
  5. Tanner McLachlan (TE) Toronto
  6. Kyle Hergel (OL) BC
  7. Melique Straker (LB) Hamilton
  8. Gabe Wallace (OL) Winnipeg
  9. Anim Dankwah (OL) Montreal

2nd Round

  1. Justin Sambu (DL) Edmonton
  2. Giovanni Manu (OL) Ottawa
  3. Nick Mardner (WR) Saskatchewan
  4. Daniel Johnson (OL) Calgary
  5. Dhel Duncan-Busby (WR) Calgary
  6. Daniel Okpoko (DL) BC
  7. Kail Dava (DL) Hamilton
  8. Christy Nkanu (OL) Winnipeg
  9. Ajou Ajou (WR) Edmonton


Nathaniel Dumoulin-Duguay (OL) BC
Kevin Mital (WR) Winnipeg


Not sure what Edmonton is thinking of with the first pick but I think they have the luxury at last of possibly picking for trade equity to get someone else they want.

Positionally - Reality says OL, LB, or DL. Of the three - Jones can never resist a quality linebacker though…

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Edmonton is actually pretty strong with their Canadian content, it’s the American content that could use upgrading. The Elks could go best available in terms of who doesn’t have NFL interests.

Plus it’s a deep draft when it comes to OL, DL, DB.

Adams, Benedet, Johnson and McClachlan are all going to serious NFL looks, doubt they go in the first. I think Hladik is most likely the first tightend off the board.

If BP was the case; Hubbard, the Brown twins, Claypool would’ve gone first round in the CFL draft.

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Not really, Sankey will probably come off the field in passing downs. Richards and Catin-Arku are much better in coverage.

You specifically said “the start” … that won’t happen

It could very well. What happens if Sankey declines in his play and Richards comes into with the job? What if Beverette declines or is not big enough against the run?

I can’t see it either. Also don’t recall him coming off the field much during obvious passing situations but I don’t follow the Als that closely so could be mistaken.

I find it’s so hard to predict how teams are going to pick in the draft. I’m usually way off base.

That seemed to be the weakpoint, don’t be surprised to see Richards roatating in, like last year before injury.

Which was before Sankey was signed … but I do agree he may well be the “rotation” MLB.

What if Richards is abducted by aliens?

There are always “what ifs” … and if that was the basis for your original post it certainly come through in what you wrote.

You got to have some packages for him, or else the guy is going to leave in FA and haunt the Als for years.

I agree, but very different from his starting.

So, if he outplays Sankey in the preseason, should he get the starting job?

What if, what if, what if … not a basis for a draft decision or a prediction I-M-O

My list isn’t who I think is going to go first. My list is who I would pick. Draft is a crapshoot. Mostly teams improve through free-agency.

I agree with what you’re saying otherwise.