my 2 cents...

I think they probably did rush Casey into starting...mainly to appease the fans.
He didn't play all that bad(dropped balls, no protection). They should have made him roll out more from the start and use his running as an option.

Special Teams
Why doesn't Curry also return punts??? He's one of the few bright lights. Jo Jo obviously has some judgement issues.

Db's seem to have decent coverage, but can't make a play on the ball. And where's the pass rush? I know he's a rookie, but I thought Bauman was supposed to have soft hands? Flick and Peterson look pretty good right now.

Whats, with the OFFENCE

Caulley showed something, but Davis should go. I sure hope Jesse starts next game...

Where was the moblilty?

The roll outs were few and far between.

Oh, BTW can we get some receivers that can catch and get open?

What's with the OC?
Maybe they should have Casey call his own play? Is that what he did in B.C.?
I'm sure Taaffe didn't like being waved off(punt team), but it did work. If Printers wasn't such a high-priced Marque player, I'm sure Taafee would have over-ruled him.