My 1st time to Ivor Wynne

Last night was my 1st visit to IWS. I loved it!! What a great old stadium, preferable in many ways to the Rogers Centre where I go to see the Argos. Even the parking situation that people had warned me about was fine--we parked at a local church for a $7 "donation". The marching band was entertaining and your cheerleaders are a cut above ours. But you Cat fans were what really made it a fun evening---into the game and their team like I rarely see at Argo games. I felt sorry for you given the pathetic play of your team. It's just too bad the Cats are so bad and apparently going nowhere fast.

I agree with a post elsewhere that Maas must be injured because he isn't close to being the QB that we've seen in the past. He's too young to have lost it so quickly so it must be an injury. His receivers aren't much help to him though. Time and again last night, they were covered downfield leaving Maas with no option but to run himself or worse, force it into coverage. As I've posted here before, the Cats need an upgrade in the receiving corps---these guys apart from Vaughan are just average. Ranek can be a contributor but he needs to be used more. The O line is not great. The D has to spend way too much time on the field--they should ask to be paid by the hour. The LBs are not very good. When Avery got through the line, he was often stopped by the DBs, not the LBs. The D line is ok but there is no one the calibre of a Montford there anymore. The coaching is really questionable IMO. Nine games in and I still haven't been able to detect a gameplan in any Ticat game I've seen. They never seem to be able to get into any rhythm (as the Argos did by the 3rd quarter, admittedly when the game was out of reach). They also don't seem to be able to make any changes at 1/2 time. What failed to work in the 1st half, they continue to do in the 2nd half. It doesn't make sense to me.

Anyway, I'll be back for more. Thanks to the Ticat fans for making it a fun night. Maybe next time, your team, will make it more of a contest.

An Argo fan

You are a very classy Argo fan of the good ones and it's good to have your input on this board.