My 13 year old daughter would be a better oc!!

Read somewhere that bellefeuille had a bbq at his place for the team, then I watch him kissing ass on the sidelines to a line that just gave up their fourth sack???? Trying to make friends/keep a job???

One name for you. Strasser

The way Strasser was let go. I don't think you will ever see him again in Montreal unless there is an ownership change. Popp should buy the team. He's taken over everything else :slight_smile:

Here we go again with the sacks are all on the O-line....The line has actually played not too badly in recent games. At least two of those sacks were all A.C. He holds the ball way too long and then instead of throwing it away, he starts spinning around trying to get away from the rush.

Calvillo is a mess for the first time since he's been a starter for Montreal. Bellefeuille should wear a large part of the blame.

Whoever said Strasser, I appreciate it and whoever said I won't come back unless a change is made you are right

We miss ya man. I say you come back as head coach and Don becomes GM ! Mullet Boy has taken the credit for everyone elses hard work long enough... I'm surprised you didn't land in Hamilton but glad to see you found some work.

So the sacks were Calvillo's fault? I guess the 6 sacks our horrid O-line just gave up with Brady and Maas at the controls were a figment of my imagination.

It's time to cut Chiu loose. He's old, out of shape, and can't play anymore.

This oline was the best in the league for a long time. I am not sure what the problem is. One thing is for sure Chiu and Calvillo are a posse and that is well known. So if you cut Chiu loose you might as well cut Calvillo. You say yourself you can tell the Als are throwing or running on every play. Imagine being an Olinesman on a team like that. These guys don't have a chance in hell. Bourke looks damn good and I can't believe Flory is finished.

I wan't a coaching change and let them decide where the line is at. I would not make that call with the current coaching situation.

HfxTC, I see your point, but here's my take: you can't have Chiu without Calvillo, but you can have Calvillo without Chiu.

There is some promise in the O-line. Bourke, as you say, looks good. Flory still has some mileage left in him. But Lambert is average at best, Mudge is atrocious, Fritz is a career backup, and Seagraves hasn't done enough one way or another to impress.

I do agree that if the coaches are replaced, the line will automatically start to play better. I was just noting that for all that Calvillo got blamed for not being mobile enough to avoid sacks, we gave up another 6 sacks last night WITHOUT him.

The whole team is a mess from top to bottom. So its not surprising the team is playing without confidence. Would you buy in to Bellefeuille's system?

All I'm saying is many times teams take a bigger step back by making a bunch of changes prior to changing the management only to get worse and having the new management start over completely. Look at Calgary, Winnipeg and Hamilton as recent examples. Saskatchewan did it right. Get an experienced GM in there at mid season let him evaluate and get ready for the following season. Unfortunately in Montreal its a problem because you lose your coach as well so midseason change is probably not possible. But I can only hope it is made the week after the lockers get cleaned up.

Marcel will be released after the season. After his work in Sask, I'm surprised he still has a job in the league.

Do you promise !