My 100th Grey Cup peak experience

Walking with the crowd and comissioner and Russ Jackson from Varsity Stadium to the Rogers Centre, unfriggin believeable, through the downtown streets of Toronto and having people take photos. I didn't even get to carry the Cup too many people but unreal being with so many great Canadian football fans. Unreal and so much fun and pure joy. :o

One little thing I'd encourage the league or the hosting team or whatever to do might be to have some little CFL dollar store like footballs where people gather to march with the Grey Cup. Yesterday at Varsity I brought one but there were people with kids standing around looking a bit bored so I took out my little spongy ball and before you know it me and my wife and about a half dozen kids were throwing the ball around and we started doing some plays.

Something to keep the kids busy so a few barrels of inexpensive little sponge balls like that on hand would be a good idea. I'm sure a sponsor would fork up a bit of money for that as well to put their name on the balls.

Cool stuff Earl. Thanks for the report from the streets of the Grey Cup! I think the idea of fans :cowboy: :cowboy: :thup: carrying the Grey Cup to the stadium is brilliant!!

My girlfriend and I did this! What a GREAT idea! We couldn't get close, but we still had LOTs of fun walking down the middle of Yonge street with all the fans and the bands and noise and stuff. Major FUN!. Whoever thought up this idea deserves a bonus. I hope it become a tradition at every Grey Cup from now on.

:thup: :thup: :thup:

I thought it was great for sure. It was funny listening to Mark Cohon plea to the people gathering at Varsity to please, please do not drop the Cup. You could see he was very concerned about this, well, I don't blame him.

But what commissioner in what other league would do something like this? I have no idea. He could have been in a fancy room having drinks before the game but he chose to be with ordinary fans for a few hours and do this. Kudos to him. :thup:

I got a chance to carry the cup.. It was surreal being flanked by Mounties, Russ Jackson, Cabbie and the Commish withe the Cup in my hands. I carried it together with an Argo fan buddy. He wore double blue.. I wore black and gold. Even then we managed not to break the cup...

thanks for the fan playback Earl
Sounds like an exhilarating moment/memory that will be indelible for a lifetime. :thup:

BTW, did an Argo player accidentally break one of the handles off the Grey Cup?

(thought I caught this on one of the many newscasts covering the GC)

A fantastic idea, and supremely well executed. Here is a video of my own close encounter with the Cup in the march:

It was a great experience for sure. I loved seeing some of the peoples faces in T.O coming out of buildings and looking around. I loved the CFL chat down the streets too. There was a large cnumber of people. My only issue is a lot of Argos fan stood on the sidewalk watching or sat in the bar drinking as the march walked by. I would have loved to see all those Argos fan in the March. our numbers would have been overwhelming

Ah flutie, you have to remember, it's Toronto and as great as Argo fans are, well other than they are cheering for the wrong team :wink: , albeit right team this year :? , this is a bit too "ordinary people-like" for a glitzy city like Toronto, you should be subdued sort of thing and "cool" to fit in. :wink:

It was funny, when Johnny Reid was playing before the game, wife and me stood up and danced, some others as well in our section but not a lot, and you could see the people there from Toronto who are not big Argo fans at all, no Argo stuff were they wearing but there nonetheless to bring their grandfather who was into the Argos sort of thing (people like this beside us, and very nice people I must say), just didn't understand dancing in a stadium before a game. It was funny but very typical Toronto of course, as much as I hate generalizing because you could see this in any CFL stadium to be honest I guess.