My 100 Year view of daily conversation

A friend of mine said something the other day that was very powerful.

"What do you talk about and how do you talk about it?

I ascribe to a view of daily conversation that says...will what

I feel like yapping off about really matter in 100 years?

Why say things that would keep me stuck in a rut of

of constant whining and complaining?"

That's not the kind of person I want the world to see me as

I understand that many of you folks who are constantly

yapping off will not likely do this but you might want

to consider stopping and thinking about this for

a minute. and ask yourself...wouldn't you rather rise

above that kind of talk? Consider the "big picture" and

the picture you are presenting of yourself to the world

This forum would be a lot nicer place to visit if more

of you start acting from that "big picture" place now!