MVP thus far

Defensive MVP: Tim Cheatwood. This guy is a monster on the field. Hes the leader of our defense and you cant beat him with a stick. Honourable mention: Tay Cody, Bobby Brooks.

Offensive MVP: Terry Vaughn. This man has the skills and all the nescessary qualities to reach 1000 yards yet again in his illustrious career. Hes produced and it shows. Honourable mention: George Hudson, Jason Maas.

Special teams MVP: Pat Fleming. Say what you will about his punting, the man plays with heart and determination to get the ball away. He cant be blamed for the bad snaps (at head, knee, chest and sometimes off target), or the inconsistant coverage teams but he still gets that ball even when under duress. Honourable mention: Rob Hitchcock, Mark Myers

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Corey Holmes

(honourable mention to Chris Puskas and his training staff for getting our injured guys healthy again real quick)


I have no problems with your offensive and defensive MVP's but I think that Rob Hitchcock should get special teams MVP because he is just an animal out there, every play he is in on the tackle, in my opinion he gets it so far.

As for your honorable mentions...Bobby Brooks to me is still unproven, he has shown some good things, but i have not seen enough, i would replace him with Adriano Belli, plays with pure heart and determination, plain and simple.

On offense, the honorable mentions that I would give would be to Corey Holmes and Kamau Peterson, Maas hasn't done enough to get an honorable mention just yet and same goes with George Hudson. Kamau Peterson has been almost a go to guy, he seems to get the ball at least 4 or 5 times a game and thats why he gets the honorable mention.

I'd go with Goss, he has shut down every receiver he covers, by far our best player so far. On offence I guess T.V, Holmes has fumbled too much for him to be mentioned.

LBH had a monster game.

Offence: Jason Maas

His numbers arent great but he has shown hes the leader of this team. We saw what happened when he was out, and its obvious that we need Jason to make a run.

Defence: Tim Cheatwood

He has made some big plays (Keeping Burris out of the endzone might have won us the Calgary game). He has been solid dispite not having the big sack numbers. He's been a leader and played through injury this season.

Special Teams: Ray Mariuz

The guy is downfield all the time making plays, he quietly gets the job done and its a good thing because we lost Gilliam who was good on special teams last year.

ST: Hitch: he's been a monster with blocks and tackles. (HM: Barrenechea)

Off: Maas: for the simple reason of LOOK WHAT HAPPENED WHEN HE WAS GONE. HM: Vaughn, Ralph, Peterson.

Def: Cody: Did you SEE what he did to THE Milt Stegall??? Best addition to the team so far. HM: Brooks and Shaw (the QB killer lol)

Thats all i got.

Offense: I agree with Terry Vaugh

Defense: Goss/Cody and Shaw has been hitting like a maniac out there.

ST: I have to agree with Crash. Mariuz is an absolute beast on ST.

Hard to choose.

Offense: Maas/TV


ST: Mariuz/ Myers (came through for us didnt he?)

Offense: Vaughn or Ranek
Defence: Cody. Even when the game is out of reach, he's still looking for the pop
ST: Hitchcock. Even if he takes "stupid" penalties :smiley:

Hands Down!


Team MVP's aside, none of the Ti-Cats would be up for league wide honours.

I'd pick Joffrey Reynolds in Calgary as the Most Outstanding Player right now, and probably Brent Johnson of BC as the Defensive Player of the Year so far.

Runners up would probably be Geroy Simon of BC and Milt Stegall of Winnipeg for MOP. Defensively I'd go with Barrin Simpson as the runner up, what a difference a year makes for that defence.

As long as we're all grasping at straws in Aug.
Ron Lancaster : Coach of the Year?

Offence: Maas, as said before we know what happens with out him.

Defence: Split between Cheatwood and Goss. Cheatwood has been a monster on the field and Goss shuts down one receiver every game. Look at Cahoon after Goss went down in Montreal.

Special Teams: Mariuz has to be the guy here.

Can you imagine the reaction from the buffet in the press box if Ron won it?

I would take a day off work to celebrate

geeze...what a party pooper! this was a ticat MVP 'THUS' far this season! :slight_smile: :wink:

From game to game? For me, it has to be Jason Goss.

Oski Wee Wee,

We haven't seen enough of the TiCats to make a choice on offence, though I'd agree that Maas, Holmes, Ranek and Vaughn all merit a look this far...

On the D its hard to argue with Tim Cheatwood, but Goss and Cody could snatch it away in a heartbeat, and its near criminal to start making "picks" of one over the other this early in the year!

Sorry but on ST's I'll plump for Corey Holmes. I know we haven't yet had the "big return", but having him and DJ back there has made the opposition respect what might, and probably will, happen, if the coverage isn't near perfect. No issues with how Hitch and the others are covering our numerous punts, I just don't see them as being too cohesive in a team effort, getting spread all over that we suffer badly as a net result....see a lot more potential in the opposite direction so far.

You mean Offensive right? PEIRCE TO JOHNSON... TOUCHDOWN!!!!

lol. hillarious play

For the Ticats, yes.