Hey, do you guys remember having a player named Muzika a couple years back. Well I have a teacher in Saskatoon and he used to play for the Ticats. And he had a short career for some reason.

Warren was a demon on special teams for the Tiger Cats in the late 90's and earlier this decade.

He was AWESOME in the CIS, won a Vanier Cup with the Huskies, then won a Grey Cup with Hamilton. I think he played in Winnipeg as well.

My buddy diesel27 is right, he was fun to watch on specials.

Is he coaching anywhere now?

Yes he was fun to watch. I liked him (probably explains his short career). :wink:

Well hes my Phys ed Teacher and he subbed for my English Teacher today. Hes such a cool guy. He dosent coach on the Football team though... Why did he have such a short career? or atleast i think it was short

His career was probably not very long because as a Canadian special teams player, he realized that he could make a lot more money for a lot longer time by going into teaching.

An Argo-Cat fan

I think Warren blew his achilles tendon or some other kind of injury and was never able to come back . I remember him well .

I played high school ball with Warren and can honestly say I’ve never been hit harder. He’s a great guy. I think he injured his knee and that kinda finished his career. To add to MHogan, Uzi also played for the Hilltops.

I partied pretty hard with Warren and Eric Lapointe on the Wednesday BEFORE the 99 Grey Cup game which the Cats won. He’s a great guy.