Must Win?

Every game becomes a must win when you start 0-5 but this game has to be considered crucial if we are serious about a playoff spot. First Edmonton is as close as you get to a week link in the CFL these days and second a loss would kill any momentum we have from last weeks big win. Maas is heading home; Edmonton has several key players out and is coming off a tough loss. Lets crush Edmonton and put some heat on the Argos who are struggling with QB problems. This could set up the most meaningful Labour Day in years!

I sure would love the Cats to be 3-5 going into Labour Day.


i would say we have to go in to labour with a record of at least 2-6 and that might be puhsing yes i would say we have to win both of these games....but a loss in one of them wouldnt make it impossible to make the playoffs..but harder than it has to be......and if we lose both, then were screwed

Yes, if we win this game we're right back in the thick of things. If we lose... I say we can start planning for next year.

This game is a MUST WIN in so many fronts. For the near future of the team - a loss after a great win and all their struggles could sink this team for the rest of the season and definately kill any momentum.
But for any realalistic playoff chance you need to win this game. It is against the team who actually has the crossover spot right now. We are not just chasing the Argos but 4th place in the West. A loss to Edmonton puts the Cats 6 points out of the playoffs going into Montreal. A win Saturday and assuming the Argos lose their next two games puts the head to head Labour Day/week after series into a winner takes playoff scenario. A win in Montreal is not a must next week but added bonus but Saturday is HUGE!!!!


Oski Wee Wee,

Couldn't agree more with everyone on this one!

Jesse! Jesse! Jesse!

I don't understand why you are chasing a crossover position when in all seriousness 3 of the next 4 games are against the Blue team and the Als where we are 2 and 4 pts back respectively, there is no reason the Cats can't compete for 2nd in the East if they play their cards right.. let the blue team worry about a crossover spot.. I WANT THE EAST!!

After the Cats both the blue and the Als have a dance with BC... I'm optimistic!

After the games on this weekend looks even more realasti that we are competing for playoffs with someone other than teh Argos....can not get second in the EAST until you have a playoff spot in the standings

Our season will come down to the two games against the Argos. Anything but a sweep will be the end for us. Then I predict we trade or release both Maas and Holmes and the Chang era begins.

Lancaster used to say that there was no such thing as a must-win.

What happens if you lose the must-win game with 1/2 the season to go???

Do you mail in the rest???

Every game is a must win, including the first five games of a season...

Make that 7