Must Win Games on the Horizon

This last half of the season is going to be do or die for the Riders, they have a tough second half of the season playing teams like Toronto, Montreal, BC, and Edmonton. The Riders are going to have to find a way to win these games or we can kiss the 2005 season goodbye.

The one thing that is sticking out like a sore thumb for the riders is Nealon. Nealon looked VERY promising the first two outings this year versus Winnipeg and Toronto but going on a 5 game losing skid and getting pulled out in 3 of those games is a pretty blatant sign that Nealon just isn't getting it done anymore.

This is proffesional football, if you can't get your job done there should be someone else brought in to do it for you. We've gave Nealon his chance, I supported him for a long time, in fact I supported him up until after our loss to BC Saturday night but now I am just fed up like almost every other Rider fan out there.

Our defence is starting to pick up there play they had a stellar game on Saturday against arguably the leagues most explosive offence. Our special teams is very consistant and sometimes can show flashes of brilliance. But our acchilles heel is our offence, you can bet your bottom dollar that every other team in the CFL knows that too and that weakness is keyed on.

So to summarize my entire rant in two words: [u]Start Crandell[/u]

Jeremy you turning your back on Nealon. I am going to bring this up but did we not have this conversation this spring. It is okay I do not blame you totally.

I agree, you can't hardly blame Greene for that interception. Nealon did his job, he got the ball to the receiver, that's all he has to do and he did it. The receiver however made the error and didn't catch the ball and it deflected into a Stamps hands. That's nothing but bad luck.

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Posted: Jun 09, 2005 - 06:46 PM

Why did they pull Nealon? Because the game wasn't for Nealon, it was for the other QB's who don't usually get to play.

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Posted: Jun 09, 2005 - 06:47 PM


Jeremy wrote:
Why did they pull Nealon? Because the game wasn't for Nealon, it was for

according to Danny ( Nealon has done everything asked of him ) ?
except one important thing to win the game ! ! !
if the riders would have capitalised on the turn overs in the first halve then the officiating and BCs touchdowns at the end of the game would have been a nonissue .
does anybody know how many droped passes there were? ? ? i think that Jason French droped three in a row

I agree this team is not playing at all from Nealon through out the offense. Again change is needed wear blue to the labor day classic send a message to shivers!

Well, don't give to much credit to Greene for the start of the season. The receivers and holmes were making him look alot better than what he was, as well as special teams giving us great field position. Let's not forget who our wins were against either,, and both Winnipeg and Hamilton are playing far better than when the Riders played them.

As for the rest of the season, this is going to sound crappy as a Rider fan, but I don not want them to win one more game under Nealon. I don't want Barrett and Shivers to have any more reason for them to say Nealon is the guy, when we know he is not.

I'm with you, start Crandell, the Riders have nothing to loose.

All i can say is, at least most of the games are at home fo the second half of the season! that for sure is a boost.

The subject topic is "must game wins on the horizon"...according to Roy Shivers statements from the beginning of the year...the Riders were going to have a record of 12-14 wins this year....there would never be a need to face a "must win game".

What happened Roy?

Oh, and while I am asking questions of Roy Shivers, maybe he can explain the math of how coming up with the extra few thousand dollars a year to have signed Burris would not have been worth it for the sold out Taylor Field stadium that Taylor Field would of had...extra tickets sold, concession sales, etc., you do the math! And what about the extra revenues from holding a playoff game at Taylor Field...would that not have been worth the extra few thousand dollars to sign Burris? There definitly is not going to be a playoff game at Taylor Field this year, and probably not next.

What am I missing here??? Oh I doesn't matter that we let Burris go. After all, Shivers is happy as long as Barratt is in charge. Shivers keeps Barratt, and Barratt keeps Greene, the show goes on...This 'show' is now going to be a loser at the gate...maybe we should start with the Roughriders President?