" Must Win for Cats tonight!!"

Please excuse, the expression "must win".

But, really, are season pretty much rides on this game tonight. Winless at home, and I`m expecting a pretty good crowd tonight. Our Tigercats have to find a way to win. I think we have a good shot. Opinions on this game?

If the Tikes go 1-6 and Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton win = No playoff this year IMO

I agree with the above assessment. The team has to beat T.O. tonight -- going at least 2 out of the next 3 -- or the playoff prospects are going to be extremely bleak.

Oski Wee Wee,

I am afraid a loss tonight will be blamed on:

  • Casey Printers is injured
  • Jesse is injured
  • Tony Miles is injured
  • the O-line has been "re-jigged" and they need time to gel
    As a result this coaching staff and their supporters will dodge the bullet again.
    Problem is.....the excuses are running out. If we win tonight then why did we not win when all three of these players were healthy?
    Can't wait for the excuses to appear for that.

While tonight may not be a must win to make the playoffs, I agree we need to win 2 of our next 3 to have a chance. This will keep us in line with TO and the peg. After that we will have to find a way to beat someone out west (possibly BC or Edmonton), to ensure we make it to the playoffs.

Tonight's game will not be an easy one, but if we keep the Argo big plays to a minimum, keep the turnover stat close, and don't beat ourselves, we have a real good chance to win.

A win tonight will be a big confidence booster. If we can get healthy, and stay healthy, and start showing more improvements, anything is possible in the last two thirds of the season.


It is no longer a question of whether or not we make the playoffs. Obviously, if we lose tonight, our playoff chances cease to exist.
It will kill team morale, fan support, and any respectability.

No, the question now will be....

"When will Bob pull the plug on this whole operation?"

Saskachewan is down to second and third string players all over the field and they're still winning. Don't tell me their second and third string players are better than our starters.


Funny thing is...I could accept losing to Saskatchewan even with their backups. We are still trying to create a competitive team. But at this stage we should still have more than one win.


We should have more than 1 win right now. This is such a big game for us.

If Saskatchewan can somehow find ways to win with their roster. (A lot of people said Jyles shouldn`t even be in this league) than we should find a way to beat the blue team.

I don`t think being without Lumsden and Printers is an excuse. Williams is a good quarterback and a suitable replacement. We have very good depth in the Running game with Caulley and Smith. This game is winnable.