A story today (Nov 10/11) in the National Post on Justin Medlock quotes him as saying Hamilton has not offered him an extension and he does not know if they will. I hope this doesn't suggest a lack of interest on the Ticats part. This guy has been rock solid, a major improvement over Sandro. He should be signed as soon as possible with a well deserved salary increase. This was one area the football team really improved in...we can't let this guy get away! Any thoughts posters?

I think cats are going to go with JOSH MAVEETY
who Canadian and been Practice Roster all year
I think it a Mistake but what do expect from Obie and Marcel.

The Cats are not vet Friendly

Vet friendly?
Medlock has had only 2 full seasons in the league and is 28 years old.

I'd hardly call him a vet that needs to be put out to pasture.

And yes, it would be a dire mistake not to sign this guy.

Have boot will travel.

Thye maybe not be "vet friendly",however,they definately are'nt "spending money on key players who deserve the money" friendly....


First, I'll ask how you know what the players make since the numbers are never released. I ask this because you say the team doesn't spend money on key players.

Secondly, I'll ask which "key players who deserve the money" the Tiger-Cats didn't pay?

Thirdly, I'll bring up that the team re-signed Jamall Johnson, Markeith Knowlton, Kevin Glenn, Marwan Hage and Dave Stala to contract extensions in the last year. They also brought in Avon Cobourne and Rey Williams. Those guys didn't come cheap. I'd say the Cats spend plenty of money, and mostly spend it wisely.

I'm more concerned when teams spend lots of money on players who under perform and don't deserve it.

I would like them to bring back Setta, he was a good kicker and punter.

If we lose Medlock, Setta would be a decent replacement...No sense in taking a chance with Josh Maveety, whoever he is. :?

8) Josh Maveety has been on the practice roster all season !!
   He is the Canadian Kicker that they are grooming.  That's who Maveety is !!   <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Unproven rookie who we dont have time to take a chance on. Sign Medlock long term!!

And Medlock is the most dominant kicker in the League!!!!!

Is he asking too much on his contract renewal? :roll:


There could be something going on behind the scenes that are making obie and marcell the shell reluctant to sign medlock long term,

Unless marcell the shell and Obie are complete phonies, they should be tripping over themselves to sign Medlock longterm :roll:

Being on a practice roster does not mean he is going to be a high calibre CFL kicker like Medlock.

and don't roll your condescending eyes at me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Perhaps Medlock is going to give the NFL one more shot. That's the only reason I can think of as to why he hasn't been signed to an extension. If he doesn't go to the NFL, the Cats have to sign him.

I would assume there are some extenuating circumstances in Medlock’s situation that are holding up a contract extension offer.
However I can’t imagine why they would want to lose him. Surely they can indicate some interest especially after such a solid season.

.....and that wish would be instead of attempting to sign Medlock or is it to sign Setta in the event the Cats don't re-up Medlock's contract?

Secondly, if Setta still has the ability and is healthy, why isn't he playing on a team now?

A few teams inquired about Setta and he didn't like the offers.

I'll preface this by saying that I hope the 'cats do everything they can to hold on to Medlock, but if they need to look elsewhere, what about Rob Maver? You'd have to believe that either he or Rene Paredes will be available this offseason.

After the disasterous year we had with Deangelis, and what his foot cost the team, Medlock was a complete 180 degree turn. The memory of last season is no doubt burned into Obie's memory. A kicker of Medlock's skill is not that easy to come by (his kicking is long and accurate on field goals) and I'm sure the management of this team wants his signature on a new contract.

Speculation here, but perhaps Medlock wants something short term to keep his NFL options open, and maybe the Tiger cats wish something long term instead.

I say go with someone who you know and is battle tested rather than the unknown. We could search high and low and not likely find someone as good or as consistent.