Must See TV For QB: 7PM EDT ESPN 15 April 2010

I don't know how many of you in Canada will have access to ESPN tonight, but former NFL coach to be again Jon "Chuckie" Gruden will be going over film and mechanics in detail with the four top NFL QB prospects. They have shown awesome clips all week as previews.

How I wish they just did this with guys at EVERY position, but I guess X's and O's don't sell enough to American mass audiences? Hopefully the trend down here will change so we hear more about the actual game and players on the field instead of all the tabloid fodder for what goes on off the field most of the time.

Though the QB position in the CFL game requires more mobility over pocket presence compared to QBs in NFL football, the mechanics and skills in making all the throws are the same and are reviewed tonight for each player along with NCAA film.

On that note you may or may not be aware from his background, as I learned only recently, that Marc Trestman there in Montreal to this day is considered a top if not the top QB coach in all of gridiron football. I read recently that he was running some NFL QB pro days down here in the offseason too.

Someone posted on a different thread on here that I cannot remember the best article I have ever read on quarterback prospects in which one of Trestman's students, who is now an active scout, shared his insights.