Must Rider Priders drink to forget their fate?

I was in an SAQ recently (that's Quebec's liquor stores), and noticed that there's a CFL promotion on Crown Royal whisky. Every bottle is now packed with a glass sporting the emblem of a CFL team.

Just out of curiosity, I opened the first box. There was a Roughriders glass inside. Then checked in another one... still Roughriders. Then I noticed it was written what glass was in the box on the side of each box. There were only Riders glasses.

I figured this promo was designed specifically for Rider Priders who must drink to forget their fate of always falling short of a home playoff game. If not, why would that promotion arrive just in time for fall and offer only Riders glasses? :slight_smile:

Very good point third and ten...I think your on to something here, my gut feeling is, one drinks to forget, and the rider's have alot of forgetting to do..bottoms up prider'

That's hilarious Third&10. I think you're on to something. I've done plenty o' drinking to forget back in the 80's. If by some fluke the Riders actually won a game, we would just change it to drinking to celebrate.

well got to admit I have cried a few tears into a glass of booze a few times being a rider fan.........its not easy being green................but like Rock B said had a few celebration................the other possiblitily is that just no Riders fans in the PQ??????????

thats odd because in the country i would think that quebec would have the lowest percent of rider fans in the country

What else id ther to do in Saskatchewan but drink?

I agree. I live here and there is not much to do at all. There are bars and pubs and pool halls and stuff. Good thing i like to drink, because even though there isn't much to do here, i do like it

It's hard to believe they never used to serve alcohol, or allowed anyone to enter the stadium (tried to anyway) with alcohol. Those were the days....there was a lot of creativity in sneaking in booze.

By the way, can anyone tell me who won the Rider game on Friday?

Riders, can't you tell from Saskargo's post?


PS: I got busted yesterday with Labatt Blue in my dorm, I'd had to pore it down the drain. :cry:

I saw the game Kanga, I just forgot..... :lol:

No Liquor on Campus? Oh yeah, some states, the drinking age is 21...Is that the loop hole where you are at?

Good observation on the Crown. That is the drink of choice, especially in November for Rider fans. Whisky always helps you forget things. One of these years we will get a home playoff of these bloody years...and Crown Royal sales will plummet.

Drink to a win, drink because of a loss, drink because of a tie...I think Crown Royal sales will be just fine, unless somehow one of the before mentioned dosn't happen...

With the colder weather around the corner, and Saskatchewan being notoriously nippy during that time of the year, maybe the good people at Crown Royal thought Rider fans need to get sloshed to help make it through their cold, bitter, and Cup-less winter. :lol:

cold and bitter perhaps, cup-less ...we will see

I bought in the brew becase no one knew I was 20 and not 21 (I'll be 21 on 2/19). When they were checking our rooms they found my Blue and I was busted.


Ewwww Labatt Blue...Get some Brewhouse Kanga its made right here in Saskatoon!!! :slight_smile:

Sounds good, Could you show me the label and I'll check it out.

I only drink Labatt becase they supposer the Bombers, no other reason.

I drink Molson, VB, MB, Mossehead, Sam Adams, and Guiness sometimes.

I can't wait untill I'm "legal"!


Moosehead...mmmmmm. great beer. Definetly in my top 5.