Must, must, MUST re-sign Ranek

I doubt I'm the only one out there who thinks Ranek is a key FA that Ottawa MUST re-sign ... the guy is a great RB, and a face of the franchise. I can't imagine the fans being too impressed if Lonie let him go. What's the word like in Ottawa? Any news on how close/far the Gades are from bringing him back? I hope for your guys' sake that they re-sign him ... it's key from both a business and football point of view.

Rumors around Steeltown have both Ranek and Hudson becoming Cats. Paopao and Kauahi factor.

It's looking more and more like Ranek won't re-sign.... As for Hudson, he's been offered a lucrative contract, but probably won't re-sign either....

if ranek goes to steel town the riders will gladly trade keith and some other players for a qb.

Ottawa may be happy with Ka'ron Coleman, who showed flashes of brilliance in limited play. I think that if they lose Josh, they will stick with Coleman.

with the new cap inplace...i dont see hamilton affording BOTH tuker and ranek...they need to choose..

and considering lumsden will PROBABLY be back with the ticats, id go for tucker.....imagine maas to tucker, flick, yeast?...with lumsden as RB...and claridge protecting maas.....WOW.

I agree dg, as a Cat fan we should go for Tucker with your scenario. But man I love that Ranek, what a football player!

There's news that Lumsden just signed with Washington. Guess that will mean that Ranek will be even more of a priority to Hamilton.
Lonie and friends - you'd better shift your sights to getting "the little ball of hate" signed and commit to ample touches for him. This guy is a guaranteed 4-5 yards if he has a decent line blocking for him, he's a durable team guy and he is a fan favourite. DON'T LOSE HIM!!!!!!!!

You have to wonder how Ranek fits into there plans. Jenkins Offence is the run and shoot so that doesn't realy include the backs to much so JR may not fit into there plans.

I think that JJ should make an exception and work Ranek into his plans.
Everyone I talk to says that you can’t have a big passing game without a real running threat to give them some space. Ranek is that guy!
If the other team knows that Joseph is just going to sit in the pocket until a receiver opens up, tackles are going to tee off on him 24-7. You need them to think they might run this time, to give KJ enough time to get his reads, think and throw a good accurate pass.
Jenkins - don’t put all your eggs in one basket or they’ll be scrambled and burnt!

With JL signing with Washington the Cats will now make a serious pitch for JR. Paopao and Ranek together again.

Don't worry too much about Ranek leaving Ottawa. Even though it hurts as a fan, Sean Benett has been amazing when he has played, and will fit into John Jenkins system better. In my opinion, losing Hudson will hurt the team alot more than losing Ranek.