Must I repeat....D Mac and Coach Sal should run O

The way the disappointing offence has been so poor thus far, me thinks D Mac would make a great O.C. I'd also like to see Coach Sal take over the O line. :cowboy:

When Salavantis came in briefly last season, the O-line noticably improved. Might be a good idea again. He knows his stuff!

You are expecting a bit too much from the braintrust on Jarvis St.You are absolutley correct when coach Sal assisted last year there was a noticable difference. Jeff Gleamer or Bleamer whoever is a personal friend of Taaffes with NO CFL experience. Nice choice Charley. Are we having fun yet?

Coach Sal should be on the payroll... and yes, Danny Mac as OC probably isnt a bad idea. Charlie Taaffe has all of the offensive experience needed, so why not let Danny do some play calling and work with CP exclusively. When Danny called his own plays he did a great job mixing pass and run and usually did very well.... i can tell you this, NO WAY IN HELL DANNY MAC CALLS A QB BOOTLEG OPTION ON 2ND AND 1 FROM THE 3.

I don't think there is anyone on the Cat payroll that can read defences better than D Mac. He was great at picking up blitzes and had great communication with his receivers. We got to get this Offence's killing our D...wearing them down every game. :cowboy:

are we talking about the same D Mac that was predictable and terrible in his final days?

Danny Mac was not running the offence. His plays were being called from the sidelines. And like now they were bad then. Poor coaching

8) I thought Danny called his own plays, at least most of them !! He sure did for most of his tenure as our QB.
 So in your opinion, Ron Lancaster as well as Greg Marshall were poor coaches !!!!!        <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

If the offence doesn't turn things around look for Marcel B. to be "pink slipped" and Charlie and Danny running the offence.

Bleamer's job appears to be safe IMHO.