Must beat the Farmers on Sat!!!!

I am a Vancouver resident going to school at the Univ of Sask....and if the Lions dont win on Sat, I will cry.....and I will prob get laughed at for a long time.......we can kick thier butts no prob, so lets not give them a chance to even get close to advancing any further than they should....DONT LET ME DOWN BOYS!!!!!!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!! :smiley:

.......I suggest staying in your dorm for a few days.........

That is two home loses in a row to Sask, first loss to Crandell second loss to Greene. The invinclbe Lions at home thing sure didn't last long.

Can the lions get it together for the western final ????

Calgary looks like the favourite going into the west sem, they are beating up pretty good on the eskimos today.

Edmonton is DONE!!!!