Must be real desperate to sell seats

The site has a splash page for the 13th man to try to motivate fans to come out tomorrow. It's a neat idea, except for the use of a quote by JR Diggs. The blurbs by Foxcroft and OB are fine, but sticking this clown Diggs on the page looks real low class. It's just the opposite message of what we should be saying about the image of the city of Hamilton, not to mention the class act we've witnessed with the team's turnaround.

I assume the page will be down after tomorrow.

J R Diggs is good for a laugh I'm sure he would talk very highly of you :thup:

Never heard of him.

JR Diggs is hilarious. I miss him a lot. As far as I can tell he was the only real victim of the CHCH changeover.

JR Diggs embodies the regular joe who went for his dream. By selling his skateboard store and product to buy time on Oakville's version of Cable 14, he got his own show. Geez, I miss him. I loved when the Toronto paper called him to subscribe.

Hopefully if most people never heard of this idiot, it won't be so embarrassing. :smiley:

Ok I did laugh at the Toronto paper subscription gag :wink: , but the rest made the trailer park boys look like high society. We get enough bad press about our town without having JR as an advocate.

I dono what you have against the guy...
I think hes pretty funny most of the time, you may not like his comedy but you dont need to be ripping him.

Some of his skits were alright, although I wasn't much of fan of his sense of humour when he show was on CHCH.

For those wondering what he has been up to, he is now a correspondant for the Jay Leno show.
I saw him interviewing Megan Fox at the Jennifers Body premiere last week at the Toronto film festival and grabbed a few quick shots because I couldn't believe it.

I Never heard of J.R.Diggs myself but that's not the point, it all about marketing and about getting fans out to the game and enjoying the atmosphere of two good CFL teams in Hamilton and Montreal going head to head.

I think in these tough economic times you have to do what is necessary to bring out the fans to the game
because teams with good crowds have that advantage of having that 13th man with the noise, fun, cheers etc. The one big area I have noticed at past Ti-Cat games are the amount of kids coming out to the games because they are the future of the sport and the more the Cats can do to bring out the younger crowd the better off the Ti-Cats will be in future.

It's tough for a parent to bring out a family to a game but I see more and more of it, now we need to work on the fans who bring a buddy or two or three or more, lots of couples and a couple of friends together at the games and maybe it's about getting away from Friday nights in Sept/Oct and having more Sat night or afternoon games, whatever it is, it's about marketing the team and making it better.

I'm for whatever works in this day and age, my nose isn't buried to far up someones you know what to worry if we are losing to much class for this team or not by the way our Cat brass market the team I come out to enjoy.

I just have one extra comment EAT EM RAW TIGER-CATS, Bring out the 13th Man and make lots of Noise!!!!


I really liked that splash page...nicely done, Ticat web fellas!

It does look really nice, and i hope it works. We are going to need all the fans we can get out there tonight. Lets make some noise boys, its a huge game for us tonight! :rockin:

Who is JR Diggs. Never heard of this guy?

He was a so called comedian that had a show on Friday nights after the late CHCH news and 5:30 replay. He came on at midnight because CHCH likely couldn't find a paid infomercial (which would have been way more exciting). The whole show consisted of JR walking around the streets, ambushing passers by in an attempt to make a movie. Most rejected him, so he'd do things like spend the day with his mother and film her. Absolute crap. I usually got the channel changed, but saw a few minutes here and there before I switched off.

The point is not about Diggs, but the Ticat marketing management using him as an advocate. It would be as if Dallas opened their new facility last week with Andrew Dice Clay as a spokesperson (actually he has more talent than Diggs, a 5 yrs old kid with a throwaway camera does). It's just a low class move for publicity and I doubt they're even getting that. I'm sure if OB even knew who this guy was, he wouldn't appreciate being quoted alongside him.

Another analogy. Say you just wrote a book and had reviews on the cover from the Washington Post and NY Times. Would you want the Mountain News review on there? Actually bad analogy. The gap between the Mountain news and the big guys isn't nearly wide enough to represent JRs gap from a real comedian.

Come on, give it up.

He went to IWS and liked it and it says so, big fricken deal who he is.

I guess they should have used quotes from all the famous posters on this forum eh ???