Just thinking of the Oline: Every Als QB, starting with career ending concussion on Calvillo, has been thrashed.

Just thinking of QBs: I think Glenn and Calvillo ( who I guess is OC) will be on the same page. They have similar skill sets. I cannot see Calvillo having enough coaching experience to draw up a true Offensive Playbook and philosophy that varies much from his own playing experience. I have no trust that Cato will be well served from Calvillo's lack of coaching experience. I wouldn't be surprised if Crompton sticks around.

I think I understand what your saying but for me Cato's biggest quality is his accuracy and his sense of time and space. So if he can learn from these two HOF quarterbacks how to read defenses it will allow him to get the ball out quicker. My question about Cato is is he a hard working student that can be coached or is it all talent and instinct ?

If Cato starts running around he will suffer the same fate as Lefevour, Tate, Lulay, Durant, Collaros, Reilly... and probably sooner.

Cato's gift is his arm.

The insinuation about the O-line is egregious nonsense. That line consistently gives up low numbers of sacks every year and Calvillo's career-ending injury was on a perfectly innocuous, non-lethal tackle. LeFevour's injury was a freak accident at season's start. The reason we went through Qbs last year was mostly the scheme and the change in OCs midway through the year. If you toss out your OC midway through a season, you're basically starting over in "training camp mode" while the rest of the league is weeks and months ahead of you. I'd like to see any QB thrive in those conditions.

And lastly: given all the injuries at QB last year, I can't see how our O-line deserves to be singled out in any way.

Seems that the forum consensus has Glen at #1 QB and Cato at #2 heading into the 2016 season. Some "musings":

(1) Kevin Glenn will be 37 this year. How much gas is left in his tank?

(2) If Cato is #2 because he isn't ready to run the offense, let's hope that the organization has a proactive development plan in place to get him ready.

(3) On the other hand, if Cato is #2 because of his physical stature or some other trait that can't be "fixed", then the search for the next #1 must move forward with a sense of urgency.

Kevin Glenn is a veteran workmanlike QB who will win you some games, but he is not an elite QB. And I want the Alouettes to be great again!

As for Cato and Bridge, Im not young like you guys and dont want to wait to see if/when they can develop!

That is why I am still hoping Popp makes a play for Trevor Harris.

I`m also disappointed to see LeFevour out of the picture, although as LeStaf mentioned it might be a case of the Als allowing him to determine his worth, and he could possibly still re-sign.

I agree with you about #3 -- IF the org thinks Cato's size limits his upside, then we need to move on from him and forward. That said, I still believe in Cato and think he can be a starter, but IMO he needs time to improve his craft and put in the film work to elevate his understanding of CFL defenses. Glenn is the perfect stopgap to give him that time -- at 37, he's obviously not our future, but he's a great here-and-now QB to keep the team competitive while Rakeem watches and learns.

A lot will hinge on the experience and caliber of coaches Popp surrounds Calvillo with. If he goes out and gets good people who can make Calvillo's job easier, we'll have a chance. If he sits on his thumbs while all the good candidates find jobs and then winds up hiring more U.S. college rejects with no CFL experience, it will likely be a long season.

D&P: I agree with you that a key part of the QB development process will be the coaching staff that Popp brings in to work with Calvillo.

Your closing comment about the risk of a "long season" strikes a chord with me. After 3 such long seasons, one has to wonder how many more the organization can endure before the fan base starts to lose interest. It's critical that they get this QB personnel and coaching issue right, and now.

Interesting that Als LB coach Chris Tormey who wasnt renewed by Popp has surfaced as Buonos new LB coach in BC.

Its kind of odd here.
I've never heard where an OC needs to be surrounded by others/ position coaches in order to be successful.
Maybe its semantics. Maybe not.
just never seen where OC have that cushion.

We just don't know. The man has a teaching degree, he's hard working and he's got about 20 full playbooks/experience in his book case. He's also the only CFL coach who's played the position calling his own plays. I can't see how he can fail but like any job you get better with experience. He's also got the full support of the entire org from the owner, HC, players and on down. I think we should give him the benefit of the doubt and the support to succeed in his new functions. He's given us so much.

We didn't know how Trestman would do either. I remember lots of similar questions/views at the time.

no problem. just don’t load complaints on shortcomings on position coaches going forward.

But you blame an offensive line that tried to work with 7 different different quarterbacks, hypocrite.

I'm not really blaming anybody.
I was just thinking about the Oline and stated a fact that virtually every QB the ALS tried ended up thrashed.
You raise a perhaps a fair point that they got hurt because the Oline was hampered because they had so many QBs.
Kind of a chicken or the egg debate I suppose.

The only fact is that a lot of QBs went down hard.

With all the turmoil, the offensive line still managed to produce the most productive run game in the league and allow the least amount of sacks all while allowing rookies like Ruby and Piotrowkie to start game 18. Every other team in the league would love to have Montreal's offensive line and its the only thing that prevented the Als from falling to the bottom of the league IMO.

Bingo. :thup:

When was the last time an OC was in only his 2nd season as a professional coach?

Exactly. That should NEVER happen.

absolutely 100% correct. :thup: :thup: :thup:

every OC is always surrounded by stout position coaches to include RBs, receivers, OLine, QC coaches and maybe even an extra offensive assistant position coach.

Sheesh…again hearkening back to Trestman. You gotta let that era go.There is no comparison to him and Calvillo.

Trestman was a position coach for about 8-9 years before he got his first OC job.
Then was an OC for several years
Then got his first head coach gig with Montreal.

Probably worked for 12 teams before coming to Canada.

Anyway I wish Calvillo well. But imo he is set up for failure. And will be a block for any potential incoming coach who wants his own OC instead of having to work with him… But I don’t think there will be any new coach for quite awhile.