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Perry's comments would make good reading for all the casual acquaintances I run into
who don't watch Tiger Cat games but heard the Ticats beat Montreal by a big score.

The Montreal Alouettes were blown out 57-20 by the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, but this was a classic example of the score not being indicative of the play.

The Als were absolutely fluid on offence with starting quarterback Anthony Calvillo playing
only long enough to loosen up his arm and then give way to backup Adrian McPherson,

who looked impressive completing seven of 10 passes, one of them a 116-yard touchdown.

Save for a long runback on a punt by Ticats’ all-purpose player
Marcus Thigpen, there wasn’t a heck of a lot Hamilton did

until facing most of Montreal’s second- and third-string players,

who were given plenty of playing time.

Conversely, the Ticats’ offence failed far too often

to finish offensive drives, and were forced to settle for field goals.

On the other hand, it was an exhibition game

and our first string players were rusty from 6 months off

Kevin Glenn, for one, seemed a bit over-pumped and

he overthrew receivers on several passes to forestall drives.

A 116 yard TD pass? That is impressive!

Wow, I missed that. Are there highlights?

As much people don't like Perry he Right ...

We did nothing vs Montreal Starters..

Are DB where Lite up like Christmas tree on Christmas morning ..
There was no pressure on A.C or McPherson for that matter

If we don't fix this will go 7-11 and miss the Playoffs due to a Cross Over.
Team passing on will way to comin for big Games

If this is addressed this Team could go 11-7.

And the one that was lit up the brightest was cut.

backup Adrian McPherson,

who looked impressive completing seven of 10 passes, one of them a 116-yard touchdown.

I didn't know that the line of scrimmage could be 6 yards into the endzone.

Truley enlightening Perry, thank you.

it won't matter AC still Light us up I don't like a man to man defense it too risky.. with Raw Rookies playing in it.
now it we have season vets back there then fine.

Ticats competition in the East is Montreal, you don't want to play zone against AC... trust me. It will be a work in progress but that is the only way to go for Hamilton.

While the game was much closer with Montreal's starters playing, we did have them beat on the scoreboard when Calvillo left, the end of the 1st quarter and at half-time. Chalk that up to the Thigpen kick return if you will but that's all part of the game with the majority of both teams starters going head-to-head.

Yes it was concerning to see the defence chewed up on one Calvillo drive but they also forced a turnover on another. It was also concerning to see our first team offence fail to score a major but they did move the ball well and I'll wait for at least a couple quarters of regular season action before getting on their case for not scoring majors.

Our offense is going to be a juggernaut this year, our defense does not have to shut down teams completely, they just have to hold them to probably under 25-30 points a game and I think our offense will do the rest.

That being said, even if our offense has an off day, I have faith that our defense won't be that bad this season and we can still beat teams in low scoring affairs.

You have to put pressure on AC to win, difficult because they throw short ones a lot but I think that's the only way blitz rush and some fake blitz rushes and man to man, yes.

Interesting article.

By the way, does anyone else think the term "exhibition game" should be scrapped ?

I think it sounds lame . "Pre-season game" sounds more like reality.

( this is not a biggie of course, but just something that always sounds corny to me )

Same as Ted Michaels always saying "dressing room" instead of locker room....grrrrrr :twisted: :lol:

Be glad I am not a soccer guy, deerhunter, or I might have called the game "a friendly"

I don't see why you think the term "exhibition game" should be scrapped.

It is a very accurate term. It describes what the game was to a tee

Look up the definition of the term "exhibition game."

a game whose outcome is not recorded in the season's standings...a practice game.


Frankly I like the new term I invented recently...Tryout Game.

It gives "the great unwashed" a better sense of what the game stands for.

It may help them to understand that many of the players in the game
were playing the only game of pro football they will ever play in their lives.

They are not representative of the 2011 Hamilton Tiger Cats.

"a friendly"

Please, OMG, don't ever let this term come into existence for gridiron. It just shouldn't exist, for gridiron. For soccer no problem, I don't get it anyways so that's fine. But not for gridiron. No such thing when your'e truly tackling and taking someone out with pure physical contact. Pre-season, exhibition or otherwise.

Soccer, from what I can see, "friendly" fits the game perfectly. :wink:

You got it ron. :thup:

Obviously, you have not played the game.

I’m in almost total agreement Earl. But I’d switch “friendly” to 'boring."

Uh oh. I think I may have broken several bones making that comment. I hope the official sees me here writhing in pain. But, if not, I'll just get up and keep on posting.