Musical instruments and stadium horns banned at THF

I’ve been playing my bugle at CFL games all over the country for 40 years (with one complaint) and now my own homefield tells me no more. The live experience is becoming less desirable all the time.


Funny a friend that brings a cowbell (that he bought at the Ticats shop) had it turned away at the door. Been bringing them for years. Also the dude the Ticats have featured in their social media with the drum had his drum turned away at the door.

Lots of annoyed people on twitter talking about this. Not sure if there was a new security company last night but it didn’t go well.

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there has been a change from Star security to Sword security.

we had an issue two games ago. When we reported it we were advised there had been 200+ complaints lodged already this season.


Update: My ticket rep informs me this was all a misunderstanding ,and if i have any problems moving forward i should go to the box office.


Live by the sword…die by the sword

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This is good. You’ll be able to play a tune when Banks gets named to the Wall of Honour.


And the security weren’t aware?? The right hand not talking to the left hand…once again lack of communication is rearing its ugly head!!!

Does that affect the drum line?